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Friday, August 31, 2012
Political Drama Written for Catholics
By Judie Brown

Today’s commentary explains some recent events involving the Church and politics and attempts to help us sort through them. With so many contradictory situations going on at this time, understanding what we can and should do is often difficult—-even confusing. Through Judie Brown’s insights, we find the lighted path. 

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More research shows link to multiple abortion and pre-term, underweight babies


Another study has found that women who have abortions have a greater chance of giving birth prematurely or having a child with low birth weight in subsequent pregnancies. According to research by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) women are at higher risk who have had three or more abortions in the past. The study, published in the journal Human Reproduction, is one of the largest undertaken to determine the relationship between abortion and subsequent births.  

Women’s Health’ magazine promotes Planned Parenthood abortion biz

Life News

Women’s Health magazine has done a disservice to women’s health by promoting the Planned Parenthood abortion business. In a new article “Are Your Birth Control Rights Endangered?” the magazine lambastes the “fringy far-right extremists” who have supposedly “infiltrated the mainstream-in the form of Tea Party Republicans and GOP presidential candidates” to promote a position against abortion. It continues, with significant hyperbole and alarm.  

Bill extends abortion test program for non-doctors

The Sacramento Bee

A bill sent to Gov. Jerry Brown would extend a pilot program allowing non-doctors to perform abortions in California. The Senate approved SB623 on a 22-16 vote Thursday. It extends until Jan. 1, 2014, a program that lets nurse practitioners, certified nurse-midwives and physician assistants provide aspiration abortions.