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PP's Cecile Richards presided over 1.5 million deaths in four years. As head of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Cecile Richards presided over the grisly death by abortion of 1.5 million tiny, innocent babies from the time she took the helm at Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 2006 through 2010. She tucked an estimated $743 million in blood money into PPFA bank accounts for her efforts. Read more here.

Making the demons quake… In her April 2012 article, "America's Cultural X Factor," Judie Brown speaks eloquently of the power of God, who is truth, in eliminating Planned Parenthood from the landscape. It is reprinted here in its entirety. Read more here.

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Jerry Novotny, OMI

(The Difference is LIFE) "The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope." Pierre Teilhard deChardin

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**************************************** Newsletter #590
August 26, 2012



1. The "Unofficial" Olympic Sport
2. Could Gene Doping Be Part of Future Olympics?
3. Paul and Philip Nitschke – debate in Adelaide
4. Dangers of subtle coercive influence – the perils of euthanasia
5. Euthanasia is a Cultural Addiction
6. Former Population Controller Warns of Plummeting Fertility Crisis
7. Sex on the Brain: Semen Prompts Female Ovulation
8. Smoking, drinking and obesity kill 650 people a day in Sri Lanka
9. Pro-life MP Woodworth blasts Canadian physicians' 'babies not human until birth' vote
10. 'Fetal Flaw': the new eugenics rising
11. Becoming a mother to my husband: The highest call to love
12. INSIGHTS by Dianne N Irving, Ph.D.

(Assisted suicide): "Catholic Video" –  This is a great video released by the Catholic church.


ITEM #1: The "Unofficial" Olympic Sport

For two weeks, the world watched as the Summer Olympics took center stage… Yet, as we celebrated the achievements of these talented athletes, there was another not-so-wholesome celebration taking place behind the scenes. Many of those who are considered the best in the world have taken an unfortunate fall from grace off the pedestal of morality.


ITEM #2: Could Gene Doping Be Part of Future Olympics?

Despite all the training, sweat, dedication and sacrifice that goes into becoming an Olympic competitor, these elite athletes also tend to have an advantage that average sports lovers lack: superior DNA. Just like eye color or a keen intellect, a constellation of the "right" genes can grace certain athletes with world-class speed, strength and endurance… Technology reaching the point where some might try to enhance their performance genetically, experts say.


ITEM #3: Paul and Philip Nitschke – debate in Adelaide

What is at issue here is the way our society responds to concerns at the end-of-life and, more specifically the appropriateness of euthanasia & assisted suicide as a compassionate response. Even in the pursuit of our right to make our own choices, to take control of our own circumstances we must ever be mindful of the effect that such pursuits have or may have on the fundamental rights of others.


ITEM #4: Dangers of subtle coercive influence – the perils of euthanasia

The following article was written by John Gibb and published on August 15, 2012 in the Otago Daily News (New Zealand). Baroness Prof Ilora Finlay, a Welsh palliative care specialist, spoke about the need to protect the vulnerable. Her talk was sponsored by Hospice New Zealand, and the Otago Health Sciences Division, in association with the Otago Bioethics Centre.


ITEM #5: Euthanasia is a Cultural Addiction

The Netherlands opened the doors to euthanasia way back in 1973. Since then, it has fallen off a vertical moral cliff with the killing agenda having spread to the pediatric wards. the mentally ill, and now stalking the elderly "tired of life" – all reported here and in my other writings. But even that isn't enough. The cultural death addiction is now spreading, as I have reported, to the point that people want to be able to do each other. That process is moving ahead with Hemlock Society type advocacy of assisted suicide proselytizing.


ITEM #6: Former Population Controller Warns of Plummeting Fertility Crisis

Singapore's hugely influential former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, who once pursued policies of population control, has expressed concerns over his country's low fertility rate. He said the country will "fold up" if this problem is not addressed.


ITEM #7 Sex on the Brain: Semen Prompts Female Ovulation

Even though a woman's ovulation period ends the day she begins her menstrual cycle, she can still become pregnant. Why?


ITEM #8: Smoking, drinking and obesity kill 650 people a day in Sri Lanka

Health Ministry assistant health secretary reveals figures. In a population of 21 million, 56 per cent die of cardio-vascular diseases against 10.6 per cent who die from respiratory problems. The ministry plans to spend LKR 300 million (US$ 2.3 million) in an awareness campaign.


ITEM #9: Pro-life MP Woodworth blasts Canadian physicians' 'babies not human until birth' vote

A conservative MP has slammed the largest association of doctors in Canada after it voted last week to continue support for the country's Criminal Code which states that a baby becomes a "human being" only after being born.


ITEM #10: 'Fetal Flaw': the new eugenics rising

This year has seen a rash of medical studies reporting on developments in cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA) prenatal testing. Not too long ago, one commentator cautioned that as prenatal genetic testing becomes more pervasive, our society risks developing a "eugenics common sense." The reporting on the new cffDNA testing suggests that some have already developed this sensibility.


ITEM #11: Becoming a mother to my husband: The highest call to love

"To love and to cherish … for richer or poorer … in sickness and in health … till death do us part." Those lovely words, so familiar from the traditional exchange of marriage vows between a man and woman, laid the foundation of unconditional love that framed our joyful marriage of 16 years. The word "matrimony" derives from the Latin word mater ("mother") and the Latin suffix monium (which signifies an action, state, or condition). In other words, "matrimony" implies becoming a mother. But I never imagined I would become a mother to my husband.


ITEM #12: INSIGHTS by Dianne N Irving, Ph.D

(a). Genetically engineering 'ethical' babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor

[Note: Again and again, across the seemingly unrelated issues, all in the name of "choice" (aka, bioethics "autonomy") and "beneficence" (aka, "bioethics" for the greatest number in society). Great PR and marketing job! Note that bioethics' principle of "beneficence" also morally requires all members of society to volunteer for even high risk purely experimental research "for the greater good" (Belmont Report 1978). Would that include Savulescu's "rational design"? We should genetically engineer babies' 'behaviors" so that they automatically follow the supposed "ethics" of BIOETHICS? Guess it depends on how you define "ethics" and "rational"! Salvulescu's "rational design" = the very gnostic and eugenic dogmas of current transhumanism, futurism, postnaturalism, technoprogressivism et al by means of genetically engineering human "eggs", sperms, and embryos. Connect the dots, read it below, and on their own websites. – DNI]

(b). Why Elephants Require Legal Personhood

 [Note: Not that animals do not deserve special concern, care and respect, but again, the critical difference between human rational intelligence and mere animal instinct has been acknowledged for centuries. The "self-awareness" phenomena in these two examples are of different orders. "Personhood" refers to human rational intelligence only, not to animal instinct. – DNI]

(c). Should Journals Publish Industry-Funded Bioethics Articles?

 [Note: Time to raise this critical issue again, even more urgently. I was there at the formal "birth" of bioethics. After leaving the field of bench research biochemistry/biology at NIH, in 1979 I crossed fields and became one of the First Generationers – 36 of us in the very first formal graduate student group to enter the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University. The formal "birth" of bioethics was in 1978 with the U.S. Congress' Belmont Report. Before that, there was no "bioethics", only "medical ethics" which was Hippocratic-based. While going part time (as I was also raising two young children), and with a final "A" average, my doctoral dissertation was on the "personhood" of the early human embryo: Philosophical and Scientific Analysis of the Nature of the Early Human Embryo 1991 (see article summarizing it: Irving, "Scientific and philosophical expertise: An evaluation of the arguments on 'personhood'", Linacre Quarterly February 1993, 60:1:18-46, at: In the dissertation I analyzed 23 current bioethics arguments for "delayed personhood"; in all 23 bioethics arguments the "science" used was erroneous, the "philosophy" used was completely academically indefensible, and none of their conclusions followed logically from their premises! After receiving my doctorate in both Bioethics and in the History of Philosophy, I wrote the following analysis and evaluation of this new "bioethics", with very extensive historical, scientific and philosophical references: Irving, "What is 'bioethics'?" (June 3, 2000), UFL Proceedings of the Conference 2000, in Joseph W. Koterski (ed.), Life and Learning X: Proceedings of the Tenth University Faculty For Life Conference (Washington, D.C.: University Faculty For Life, 2002), pp. 1-84, at: Since then bioethics and bioethicists have been entrenched with various powerful industries that heavily fund their ethics "theories" – continuing to use false science, false "philosophy", false "ethics", and bizarre "logic" – and everyone in the bioethics industry and academia knows it. So much for "ethics". This is why the following article is important to read. – DNI]



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