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Friday, August 24, 2012
Cardinal Dolan, We Beg You, Please
Avoid the Appearance of Scandal!
By Judie Brown

Today’s commentary teaches the true meaning of the word scandal, not merely what pop culture would have us believe. Through an insightful and enlightening discussion of the Church’s teaching on the meaning of the word, Judie Brown explains why President Obama should not dine with Church leaders at an event to benefit Catholic charities. Read on to discover why this is so. 

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Pro-lifers outnumber abortion activist

at Planned Parenthood bus tour


Pro-life advocates in Illinois vastly outnumbered abortion supporters at one of the bus stops of the Planned Parenthood bus currently on tour promoting abortion and pro-abortion President Barack Obama. John Jansen of the Pro-Life Action League provides more details.  

Contraception fight not just ‘a Catholic thing’

The Daily Journal

For anyone who believes that the battle over the Department of Health and Human Services’ “contraception mandate” is simply the Catholic Church vs. the Obama administration, consider Wheaton College. Last month, the Christian liberal arts college in Wheaton, Ill., joined Catholic University in a lawsuit filed against HHS. Numerous Catholic organizations have already brought suit to challenge the requirement that private employers offer contraception coverage to their employees as a standard health insurance benefit. These organizations—-many of which self-insure—-believe that subsidizing, or facilitating, the use of contraception would violate a core teaching of Catholic doctrine. But last month, the Christian liberal arts college in Wheaton, Ill., joined the lawsuit.  

5 pregnancy trends that humanize fetuses

Live Action News

Most people know that fetuses are human beings. To what other species would they belong? Still, the Canadian Medical Association just declared that babies aren’t human until after birth, and philosopher and bioethicist Peter Singer recently claimed that being human doesn’t give you the right to live. Each of these statements has helped to stir up both the abortion and personhood debates. However, new pregnancy trends could help bring humanity and rights back to the unborn.