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Activists to Make Case in West Palm Beach/Miami to"VOTE PRO-LIFE” August 20-21

Columbus, OH – August 15, 2012 – The above comment was from Jimmy in Jacksonville in response to <a href="http://createdequal.definehosted.com/lt.php?c=258&m=268&nl=12&s=baf62f5d1836d31f777a8cba6fe3b820&lid=2138&l=-http&#8211;www.createdequal.net/” target=”_blank”>Created Equal's voter education strategy, which focuses on the battleground states of Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, and Iowa.  Preston Carlyle, Created Equal's Field Director, replied, "If these photos don't motivate voters to vote pro-life, nothing else will."  

We will bring our <a href="http://createdequal.definehosted.com/lt.php?c=258&m=268&nl=12&s=baf62f5d1836d31f777a8cba6fe3b820&lid=2139&l=-http&#8211;www.createdequal.net/projects/voter-education” target=”_blank”>billboard campaign to West Palm Beach, FL on August 20, 2012.  Our mobile billboards, which display aborted babies on the sides and rear of box trucks, will also be accompanied by dozens of people holding signs on the sidewalk in front of the Palm Beach County Courthouse.  Our goal is to save lives, register voters, and turn out the pro-life vote on November 6, 2012. 

Our Florida tour culminates in a week-long pro-life outreach to the GOP convention city of Tampa on August 24-30, 2012.  Then, we travel to several cities in North Carolina including a week in Charlotte, the site of the Democratic National Convention.  We are taking our projects to the party conventions because American voters will be focused on these two cities and preborn children need to be represented there.

Florida "VOTE PRO-LIFE” Battleground States Project

Who:  Created Equal and Operation Rescue.

What:  Mobile billboards displaying aborted babies on the sides and rear of box trucks juxtaposed next to the phrase "VOTE PRO-LIFE on November 6, 2012.”  Also, up to two dozen people will be displaying handheld pro-life signs on the sidewalk.

Where: Downtown West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County Courthouse, 205 N Dixie Hwy # 1, West Palm Beach, FL.  On August 21st we will make a visit to the city of Miami.

When: From 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, August 20-21, 2012.

Click <a href="http://createdequal.definehosted.com/lt.php?c=258&m=268&nl=12&s=baf62f5d1836d31f777a8cba6fe3b820&lid=2143&l=-https&#8211;www.egsnetwork.com/gift/gift.php–Q-giftid–E-89217EA9-AF58-49B1-837B-8CB7CDE…” target=”_blank”>HERE to give electronically, or to give by check, write:

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