Monday, August 13, 2012

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Twenty weeks pregnant with twins, but last week she had an abortion

Kelly Clinger Mon Aug 13 12:23 EST Opinion

Last week this picture went viral. Some people said it was a hoax. It wasn't. I was there. Late-term abortions like these happen all over the country every day.

The plot sickens

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon Aug 13 11:51 EST Faith

The left-wing media has portrayed the LCWR controversy as a case of the good nuns against the evil Vatican. But is that narrative falling to pieces?

INTERVIEW: ‘I do forgive him,’ says teen with knee blown apart by Aurora theater shooter

Peter Baklinski Mon Aug 13 10:42 EST Culture of Life

"My heart breaks for him and I just wish I could hug him and even tell him that there is forgiveness," Bonnie Kate told LifeSiteNews.

Cardinal‘s Obama Catholic dinner invite: praise from media, concern from more pro-life groups

John-Henry Westen Mon Aug 13 17:36 EST Abortion

Debate about the invitation continues in the mainstream media and among pro-life groups.

Paul Ryan has solid pro-family record, but marred by vote in favor of ENDA

Ben Johnson Mon Aug 13 17:34 EST Family

Ryan said he “took a lot of grief” for his stance in favor of ENDA, but says he “stopped worrying about it.”

Congressman Paul Ryan, R-WI

Sperm donor father denied interim access to toddler

Thaddeus Baklinski Mon Aug 13 16:43 EST Bioethics

The man's son is being raised by his biological mother and her lesbian partner.

Media repeatedly ignores violent attacks against pro-lifers, but lots of Tom Cruise divorce coverage

Lauren Thompson Mon Aug 13 17:12 EST Opinion

Just in July there have been five attacks against pro-lifers without any mention in major media outlets.

Australian tribunal says motel is not allowed to ban prostitution in motel

Katie Craine Mon Aug 13 16:29 EST

The woman, identified as G.K., used the motel as her base for prostitution 17 times over the course of two years.

German constitutional court expands tax rights for gay couples

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon Aug 13 16:23 EST Homosexuality

The court ruled that homosexual partners must be exempt from the land transfer tax, as are married couples.

Just 0.006% of British abortions done to save mother’s life, or prevent serious injury

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon Aug 13 15:49 EST Abortion

A total of 143 abortions have been obtained under the legal grounds allowing abortion to save the life of the mother or prevent serious injury.

Polish pro-lifers arrested for displaying graphic abortion posters

Thaddeus Baklinski Mon Aug 13 15:18 EST Abortion

The police have used laws designed to prevent the display of pornography to shut down the pro-life events.

Pro-aborts to counter-protest huge pro-life sign in Australia

Jason Rushton, Australia correspondent Mon Aug 13 14:53 EST Abortion

The massive sign shows a cross for every unborn baby killed by abortion in Victoria since January of this year.

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