"We are going to vote pro-life and get our children to vote pro-life too."

Columbus, OH – August 13, 2012 – Created Equal's Vote Pro-Life billboard campaign is touring the country.  How has it changed peoples' lives so far?  You decide.  Watch this short video clip:


VIDEO: On the road:  VOTE PRO-LIFE Project


At a younger age I, myself, had an abortion.  I really eliminated something that was mine – a living person.  It's the same as walking up to someone and blowing their head off.  Sometimes you have to put it out there like this.  This is the real deal.  It's what is really, really, happening. – Post abortive woman

It's working.  We are combining "boots on the ground” with mobile billboards to register and motivate Americans to VOTE PRO-LIFE.

Our billboards are rolling on Monday, August, 13 into Jacksonville as they make their way throughout Florida to the GOP Convention on August 26-30.

<a href="http://createdequal.definehosted.com/lt.php?c=252&m=262&nl=12&s=baf62f5d1836d31f777a8cba6fe3b820&lid=2077&l=-http&#8211;www.createdequal.net/about/donate” target=”_blank”>WE ARE FACING THE CULTURE OF DEATH HEAD-ON.  YOUR DONATION OF $134 PAYS FOR A RENTAL CAR FOR A WEEK.  A GIFT OF $75 RESERVES A HOTEL ROOM IF NEEDED FOR ONE OF OUR TRUCK DRIVERS.

We have 90 days until the election.  Please support our voter education campaign.  To donate, click <a href="http://createdequal.definehosted.com/lt.php?c=252&m=262&nl=12&s=baf62f5d1836d31f777a8cba6fe3b820&lid=2077&l=-http&#8211;www.createdequal.net/about/donate” target=”_blank”>HERE.

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