Friday, August 10, 2012

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* Barack Obama and the twin legacies of the 1960’s – Jonathon van Maren
* Man pleads guilty to manslaughter for “assisting” a suicide death in Virginia – Alex Schadenberg

Pastor prosecuted for helping girl escape court-imposed lesbian ‘mother’

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Aug 10 13:56 EST Homosexuality

Pastor Kenneth Miller could receive up to three years in prison for "aiding and abetting an international parental kidnapping" under U.S. law.

Pastor Kenneth Miller and family.

Gay activists boycott AMWAY after president donates $500,000 to traditional marriage

Meaghen Hale Fri Aug 10 11:22 EST Homosexuality

Amway has responded that the donation was a private donation from the president, but the boycott continues.

Colorado Personhood effort gathers 30 percent more signatures than needed

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Aug 10 10:09 EST Abortion

With seven fewer weeks, the measure received 30,000 more signatures than in 2010.

San Francisco archdiocese bans drag queens from parish; gay group indignant

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Aug 10 17:36 EST Faith

"We have had bad experiences" with the drag queens, "not only in church, but also the [social] hall."

Booting the Cross from city logo over ‘theocracy’ complaint sparks uproar

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Aug 10 14:53 EST Freedom

The decision is now on hold as the small Ohio town fights the Freedom from Religion Foundation.


Cardinal Burke on nuns’ group: ‘If it can’t be reformed, then it doesn’t have a right to continue’

Patrick B. Craine Fri Aug 10 11:27 EST Faith

"How in the world can these consecrated religious who have professed to follow Christ more closely … be opposed to what the Vicar of Christ is asking?" said Cardinal Raymond Burke.

Examiner refuses to release autopsy of woman killed in botched Planned Parenthood abortion

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Aug 10 10:58 EST Abortion

The medical examiner is violating Illinois state law, a pro-life attorney warns.

A ‘Tripadvisor’ to find five-star abortion clinics

Dave Andrusko Fri Aug 10 10:27 EST Abortion

The Abortioneers wants to know if service at your local abortion mill deserves two thumbs up.

Catholics shouldn’t vote for candidate who supports intrinsic evil, says Baltimore Archbishop

Patrick B. Craine Fri Aug 10 08:08 EST Faith

“This is a big moment for Catholic voters to step back from their party affiliation,” said Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore.

Highest BC court upholds exemption allowing assisted suicide for Gloria Taylor

John-Henry Westen Fri Aug 10 18:43 EST Euthanasia

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) is troubled that the constitutional exemption granted to Taylor was not stayed by the BC court.

13-year-old says ‘gay porn’ led to repeated rape of 4-year-old

Patrick B. Craine Fri Aug 10 08:19 EST Homosexuality

The teen says the idea for the assaults on the young boy, which lasted a year, came from watching "gay porn" on his foster parents' home computer.

Loving fathers’ involvement vital to good behavioral development of infant, Oxford study finds

Thaddeus Baklinski Fri Aug 10 13:01 EST Family

"Successive governments have failed to recognize the fact that men and women are different and that they parent differently," a leading researcher said.

Dr. Paul Ramchandani said fathers have a lasting impact on t

Marriage, essentially

Richard Fitzgibbons Fri Aug 10 12:42 EST Opinion

A philosophical reflection on what's wrong with the concept of same-sex marriage.

Kala’s hope: a family remembers a baby that defied the odds

Christine Dhanagom Fri Aug 10 11:59 EST Culture of Life

Elizabeth and Hugh Poza plan to establish a foundation dedicated to a baby who gave so many adults hope.

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