Reason #18 to Defeat Barack Obama: 
Contempt for the Unborn; Contempt for You


     Contempt.  We’ve seen a lot of it from the Obama Administration in the past 3 ½ years.

     The tone was set early.

     On January 23rd, 2009, just three days after taking office, Barack Obama signed a memorandum of understanding that overturned the “Mexico City Policy.”  The effect of his memorandum was to fund groups that perform or promote abortion overseas with U.S. taxpayer dollars.    

     With the flourish of his pen, Obama showed contempt for every pro-life American who pays taxes and doesn’t want his or her money used to promote abortion. 

     He showed contempt for nations whose cultures are pro-life, but which are being bombarded with pro-abortion propaganda by the very organizations Obama is helping fund. 

     He showed contempt for American voters, who had been told by Obama before the election that he would support policies to reduce abortion.

     Worst of all, Obama showed contempt for the lives of innocent unborn children.  As National Right to Life Legislative Director Douglas Johnson put it, giving money to overseas abortion advocates “effectively guaranteed more abortions by funding groups that are ideologically committed to the doctrine that abortion on demand must be universally available as a birth control method.”

     Starting with Ronald Reagan, every pro-life president has instituted a version of the Mexico City Policy, which said that private organizations that performed or promoted abortion overseas were not eligible to receive funds from U.S. foreign aid for “population assistance” or “family planning” programs.  Mitt Romney has pledged to have a similar policy. 

     Obama’s rush to eliminate the Mexico City policy in his first week in office was an early indication of just how pro-abortion his administration would be.

     Tragically, many unborn children, both here and across the globe, wouldn’t survive a second Obama term in the White House.  That’s why the National Right to Life Victory Fund is working so hard to defeat Obama and elect pro-life Mitt Romney and a pro-life Congress. 

     You can help make this happen!  Please share this message with your friends. Many Americans strongly object to their tax dollars going to groups that perform or advocate abortion, but they don’t yet know that Barack Obama promotes just that policy.

     And please donate generously to the National Right to Life Victory Fund, a dynamic new political action committee dedicated to electing officials who will show respect, not contempt, for innocent unborn children and the good American citizens who defend their lives!

Carol Tobias,

National Right to Life



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