Friday, August 03, 2012

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* Anita Goulden: the angel of Piura – Jonathon van Maren
* Case against Kansas Planned Parenthood for illegal late-term abortions continues to unravel  – Jill Stanek
* Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter is not happy with LifeSiteNews – Steve Jalsevac
* The Dominican Republic abortion ban doesn’t need overturning – Stephanie Gray

Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex

John Jalsevac Fri Aug 03 16:53 EST Opinion

Is there anything else online, on television, or in magazine racks?

Catholic business owner: Obama said ‘choose to abandon your faith’ or shut down your business

Ben Johnson Fri Aug 03 16:42 EST Contraception

“ObamaCare puts us in a really bad position,” the owner of Hercules Industries said in an interview.

Chick-fil-A faces vandalism, ‘human rights violation’ complaints for defending marriage

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Aug 03 13:54 EST Homosexuality

The Civil Rights Agenda has filed a complaint that Dan Cathy's remarks demean LGBT human dignity.

Obama: I won’t ‘give any ground’ on ‘vital’ Planned Parenthood funding

Ben Johnson Fri Aug 03 20:30 EST Abortion

The president reassured the crowd at the 2012 BlogHer Conference.

Same-sex ‘marriage’: A welfare program, not a right

Ben Johnson Fri Aug 03 18:49 EST Homosexuality

Marriage redefinition…because it's not love unless I get a tax break.

Former IVF doc: my conversion began when confronted by a priest

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Aug 03 10:21 EST Bioethics

"I wasn't angry. I really took what he had to say to heart," Caruso says about being confronted by his parish priest.

Happy birthday Obama. Now get out.

Ryan Bomberger Fri Aug 03 17:26 EST Opinion

On Saturday, the President of the United States, who has spent the past four years dividing Americans rather than uniting, celebrates his 51st birthday.

Pro-life advocates: Population control cartel behind Philippines’ Reproductive Health Bill?

Peter Baklinski Fri Aug 03 15:27 EST Abortion

Thousands of Catholic youth support the Prayer Rally on Saturday to protest the proposed Reproductive Health Bill.

International Life and Family Roundup

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Fri Aug 03 14:25 EST Abortion

Kenya disappoints Melinda Gates, leading UK charities take "no position" on euthanasia, Russia's birthrate will plunge further, and more.

New Zealand bishop rallies faithful against proposed abortion facility, ‘culture of death’

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Aug 03 11:53 EST Abortion

Bp. Colin Campbell said, "we must do all we can to prevent this culture of death spreading in our country."

Bishop Colin Campbell.

Active homosexuals 18 times more likely to contract AIDS, but ‘homophobia’ is the cause: Lancet

Stefano Gennarini, J.D. Fri Aug 03 11:25 EST Opinion

The Lancet is calling for the decriminalization of homosexual behavior and the removal of any stigma and discrimination attached to homosexuality.

No ban for Australian DIY Doctor

Jason Rushton, Australia correspondent Fri Aug 03 10:09 EST Abortion

A sanction will be decided for Dr. Freeman in September at the earliest.

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