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Dear Friends For Life,

What does Planned Parenthood really think about babies? If its obsession with birth control and its ever-rising rates of abortion are not enough to give you the answer, a quick look at the Facebook gallery of Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma will dispel any doubt.

Its disgusting photo gallery entitled "Why we LOVE condoms" features condoms blown up to resemble private parts of the male and female body, women wearing condom hats, pictures of colored condoms hanging on a clothesline, condom couture, a person dressed as a condom, and even a giant condom shaped like a missile.

But the saddest, most shocking picture in the "Why we LOVE condoms" gallery contains no condoms, only a picture of a toddler with an unhappy, forlorn look on his face. This picture is really at the heart of Planned Parenthood's agenda, as elimination of children is what fuels Planned Parenthood's bottom line.

Another picture in the gallery that apparently does not contain a condom is a picture of a money tree. Planned Parenthood LOVES condoms because they help eliminate children and contribute to its never-ending stream of wealth by tricking young people into thinking they can have sex, sex, and more sex without any risk as long as they use a condom. Knowing that the condoms and other birth control will fail, Planned Parenthood then cashes in on the sexually transmitted diseases and abortions that invariably result when kids are encouraged to be sexually active.

Planned Parenthood's propaganda is deadly to our young people. Visit <a href="">STOPP's website</a> today to find out how to get Planned Parenthood out of your community. Begin working and praying today for wisdom about how to debunk Planned Parenthood's lies and defund the abortion giant, and don't slow down until this organization is banished! -STOPP International

God Bless,
Jerry Novotny, OMI

(The Difference is LIFE) "Adversity is another way to measure the greatness of individuals. I never had a crisis that didn't make me stronger." – Lou Holtz

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**************************************** Newsletter #587
August 5, 2012



1. The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage
2. US experts back HIV prevention pill
3. The Everyday "I Love You"
4. £750 for your eggs: Fertility firm targets Cambridge Uni girls
5. Chinese Study: 'Women with a Previous Induced Abortion Had a Significant Increased Risk of Breast Cancer'
6. Wow! Video: Abortion Clinic Owner Tells All
7. Ministry reports surge in divorce rate
8. On 'brain death,' a response to a rebuttal
9. New Zealand Medical Association states: Euthanasia is unethical
10. Vietnam: first Asian country to allow same-sex marriage?
11. The Gay Divorcees
12. INSIGHTS by Dianne N Irving, Ph.D

(NFP): "Know the Truth" –  Check out this fantastic commercial/ video [Know the Truth] from St. Louis with Doctors inviting you to know about your body through NFP.


ITEM #1: The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage

Homosexual relationships do nothing to serve the state interest of propagating society, so there is no reason for the state to grant them the costly benefits of marriage, unless they serve some other state interest. The burden of proof, therefore, is on the advocates of gay marriage to show what state interest these marriages serve. Thus far, this burden has not been met.


ITEM #2: US experts back HIV prevention pill

For the first time, a drug to prevent HIV infection in healthy people has found favor with US health experts' panel. The panel recommended US regulators approve the daily pill, Truvada, for use by people considered at high risk of contracting the Aids virus.


ITEM #3: The Everyday "I Love You"

My father has Alzheimer's; my son has Down syndrome; through them comes understanding of how infinite is the capacity for love.


ITEM #4: £750 for your eggs: Fertility firm targets Cambridge Uni girls

Leaflets were stuck in their university pigeonholes, making an emotional plea to help a couple unable to have children. It said: ‘We are looking for a real-life angel to be our egg donor.' The development appears to be a result of an increase in the amount of ‘compensation' that can be given to donors, and may confirm fears of a rise in ‘egg brokers' profiting from dealing in human lives. The targeting of elite students also raises concerns about attempts to create ‘superbabies'.


ITEM #5: Chinese Study: 'Women with a Previous Induced Abortion Had a Significant Increased Risk of Breast Cancer'

The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer notes that a Chinese study consisting of 1,351 subjects published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention in February, 2012 reported a very statistically significant increased risk of breast cancer for women with previous induced abortions (IAs) in comparison with women without previous IAs.


ITEM #6: Wow! Video: Abortion Clinic Owner Tells All

Foundation Life has this amazing video of former abortion clinic owner Carol Everett explaining all. It's horrifying. Here's just one quote: "We had a whole plan to sell abortion, and it was called sex education." Another thing she says is they dispensed contraception that if the girl didn't take it at the same time everyday was essentially useless. She also tells about "counseling" and how it was really just a hard sell. This is horrifying but pro-lifers must watch this to remind themselves what we're up against. Big Abortion is big businiess.


ITEM #7 Ministry reports surge in divorce rate

China's Ministry of Civil Affairs recently reported a saddening statistic: in 2011, the number of  couples filing for divorce passed two million for the first time.


ITEM #8: On 'brain death,' a response to a rebuttal

Dr. DiPietro defends his pronouncements of "brain death," but does not provide proof that his patient is a cadaver when he makes his pronouncements. A physician ought not to declare death unless his former patient is now a cadaver. Think about it: can a cadaver have respiration, circulation and a beating heart?


ITEM #9: New Zealand Medical Association states: Euthanasia is unethical

"Even if the law changed, euthanasia is unethical and cannot be condoned by the NZMA as a professional body."


ITEM #10: Vietnam: first Asian country to allow same-sex marriage?

Asian countries have predominantly conservative views on same-sex marriage, but Vietnam may well be first to take a different course.


ITEM #11: The Gay Divorcees

How interested are gay couples in getting married? Heretofore at least, the answer seems to be "not really."


ITEM #12: INSIGHTS by Dianne N Irving, Ph.D

article 1: Why a Catholic Cannot Be a Mason – Pope Leo XIII

[Note: I know, "lots of good people out there in these organizations doing good things. " But by far the majority are ignorant about and do not understand the higher dogmas (usually "secret ") and what they promote and teach. Yet their work is supporting them. Masonry is just one of such organizations. In common, most of these organizations have existed for many years, even centuries (especially in the East and Middle East), and are ultimately grounded on ancient and post-Christian gnosticism — all of which are, among other things, very anti-Christian. They are all pagan polytheistic pantheistic MYTHS, with totally different "cosmologies " than ours, going back at least 5000 B.C. (the myth of Okeanus). Look it up for yourself; not new, not secret any more. In fact, if you know the universal symbols for gnosticism (used for communication among themselves for centuries), then you will quickly come to realize that gnosticism in multiple forms is drowning our cultures — all over the TV, Hollywood, plays, music, books, especially our kids materials. The current issues in genetic engineering, surrocacy, futurism, transhumanism, homosexuality, human embryo research, etc. are overtly grounded in gnosticism. See Hans Jonas, The Gnostic Gospels; St. Ireneus, Against the Gnostics (the Nicene Council was formed to address the mass of gnostic heresies in the early Church); Hans Jonas’ article in Encyclopedia of Philosophy in Irving, "GNOSTICISM, the Heretical Gnostic Writings, and 'Judas'" (April 9, 2006), at:
<a href=""></a>. For an interesting look at Masons, see article recently forwarded by Dr. Kuhar, <a href=""></a>. Similarly, many Popes, including Pope Leo XIII, have understood with crystal clarity the enormous damage caused by the gnostics for multiple centuries. Given the recent complaints about Catholics (e.g., Knights of Columbus, Jesuits) being members of the Masons, the following still-authoritative encyclical of Pope Leo XIII is instructive. Note that he was repeating the warnings of previous Popes – Clement XII in 1738, Benedict XIV in 1751, Pius VII in 1821, Leo XII in 1826, Pius VIII in 1829, Gregory XVI in 1832 and Pius IX in 1846 and 1865 and on four other occasions. After Leo XIII St. Pius X in 1911 confirmed this condemnation. Altogether, Leo XIII spoke out five different times against Freemasonry, but especially in the encyclical <a href="">Humanum genus</a>. All these Popes say that a Catholic cannot be a Mason. Time to wake up and call a spade a spade — the best kind of pastoralism. — DNI]s!

article 2: Men Having Babies – NYC 2012

[Note: In case there is any confusion, I am not sending these to promote the homosexual agenda, any more than I am promoting the other unethical issues in articles I send.  The purpose is to help people in some small way to fully understand just how really bad it is out there.  Most people have been profoundly oblivious.  Most of these articles are obvious and need no comment.  — DNI]

article 3: Convicted sex offender files $1 million lawsuit against Brian Camenker

[Note: Here is a clear example of what happens to good people who try to articulate what is really going on out there, around the world, so that people can be aware of how their own fundamental values are being rapidly eroded.  Consider, e.g., just the recent influence of the homosexual agenda on their "rights" to adoption and surrogacy to build their own "families", the recent attempts in Australia to ban gay "marriage", the Chick-Fil-A attacks, the Sandusky child rape affair at Penn State, the infiltration of the gay movement into our children's schools and universities, in fact the infiltration of the gay movement into all areas, especially the law. And what is behind such massive influences? Where are the "prolife" "profamily" supporters these people need? — DNI]



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