Friday, July 13, 2012

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If you really appreciate quality writing and good story telling you have to read Rome correspondent Hilary White’s Narnia, Reepicheep, and the Culture War… C.S. Lewis fans will especially enjoy her piece.

Just over one week into the summer fundraiser and we have received $17,500. My goodness, there is a long ways to go – $82,500 to be exact. Please help if you can. To those who have been very generous already with our recent defense fund direct mail request, we understand and are most grateful.

Still, somehow we have to raise over $82,000 in just over a week. Haven’t ever donated to LifeSiteNews? How about now? We really do need it.

Steve Jalsevac

The story of Jonah and the Whale like you have never heard it told
  – Steve Jalsevac

‘Slap in the face’: Social conservatives slam Condoleezza Rice running mate rumor

Ben Johnson Fri Jul 13 16:12 EST Abortion

Even the suggestion is “a slap in the face” and requires pro-lifers to take action, a seasoned activist says.

Report: Romney considers pro-choice, pro-gay Condoleezza Rice as VP

Ben Johnson Fri Jul 13 15:54 EST Abortion

It is widely believed Rice voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

Abortion is ‘directly linked to porn’: anti-porn crusader

Peter Baklinski Fri Jul 13 10:09 EST Abortion

Mark Houck is convinced that there is a causal link between a culture saturated with pornography and the astronomical abortion rate.

Parents: North Carolina teen murdered by boyfriend over abortion

Ben Johnson Fri Jul 13 19:58 EST Abortion

…But police remain mum about motive.

Abortion advocate: Prayer is Hatred, ‘Threatening’

Ben Johnson Fri Jul 13 18:24 EST Abortion

She also derides “the very existence of the conservatives.”

The New Abortion Caravan’s goal: the end of abortion in Canada in 18 years

Meaghen Hale Fri Jul 13 13:45 EST Abortion

“We’re convinced this new abortion caravan is the beginning of the end," said Stephanie Gray of CCBR.

Canadian government to appeal assisted suicide ruling

Patrick B. Craine Fri Jul 13 13:09 EST Euthanasia

Canada's Justice Minister says the government is seeking a stay on the decision.

Spanish bishop denounces abortions occurring in local hospital

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Jul 13 17:53 EST Abortion

The diocese has said that the diocesan representatives on the boards of the hospitals will remain, while striving to stop the abortions.

Focusing on wholeness: God’s plan for human sexuality

Eric Metaxas Fri Jul 13 17:42 EST Opinion

I’ll bet you when most people think about the Christian view of sex, a whole host of “thou shalt nots” pops into their minds. And that’s a shame.

The new pro-life: time for an upgrade

John Stonestreet Fri Jul 13 17:36 EST Opinion

To courageously stand for life today, you may need an upgrade.

No controversy? New campaign lays out the harrowing facts on contraception for Melinda Gates

Angela O’Brien Fri Jul 13 08:42 EST Abortion

Melinda Gates says there is “no controversy” in pushing contraceptives on the Third World, but a new campaign by Human Life International aims to show just the opposite.

Catholic journalist dies after delaying cancer treatments for unborn baby

John Jalsevac Fri Jul 13 12:05 EST Culture of Life

Barbara required life-saving treatment, urgently, but the treatment had the potential to harm their unborn child.

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