Thursday, July 12, 2012

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Undercover sting: Late-term abortionist offers 28-week abortion for $10k, makes up reason

John Jalsevac Thu Jul 12 15:31 EST Abortion

Want to abort your 28-week-old unborn child? It’ll cost you only $10,000. And don’t worry, no reason is necessary. The abortionist will simply make one up.

Pro-family leader SWATed with $1 million nuisance lawsuit from registered sex offender

Ben Johnson Thu Jul 12 15:00 EST Freedom

A registered sex offender and LGBT activist sued MassResistance — and threatens criminal charges.

Adam Flanders of Belfast, Maine.

Planned Parenthood targets African-American music festival: black pro-life leaders furious

Jean McCarthy Thu Jul 12 12:29 EST Abortion

“The 3500 black deaths linked to the Klan pale in comparison to Planned Parenthood’s 15 million plus Black deaths,” said Dr. Day Gardner.

Katy Perry: I pray for same-sex ‘marriage’

Ben Johnson Thu Jul 12 18:08 EST Faith

The pop tart says one day we'll “just shake our heads in disbelief, saying, ‘Thank God we’ve evolved.’”

Katy Perry dresses as former Queen lead singer Freddie Mercu

Five abortion workers leave industry thanks to Abby Johnson’s new ministry

Katie Craine Thu Jul 12 13:48 EST Abortion

And Then There Were None has helped five more people end their participation in the evil of abortion.

Abby Johnson leads And Then There Were None.

Video: Angry socialist conference chants for ‘free’ abortions

Ben Johnson Thu Jul 12 12:45 EST Abortion

An estimated 1,500 people protested at the International Socialist Organization gathering in Chicago earlier this month.

A socialist protester demanding

Correction notice Re: Google and porn

The Editors Thu Jul 12 11:00 EST

Yesterday LifeSiteNews reported that Google had established a "partnership" with porn producer Vivid Video. This information, as received from another usually very reliable organization, was in fact incorrect.

Outrage in Brazil as health ministry prepares to instruct women on how to perform illegal abortions

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Thu Jul 12 19:40 EST Abortion

As her poll numbers fell and her election was jeopardized, Rousseff signed a public statement promising never to introduce legislation to legalize abortion or silence critics of homosexuality. She went on to win the presidency by a twelve percent margin.

Dilma Rousseff and Obama in Brazil in 2011

Sex-selective abortions may be treated as murder…in India

Ben Johnson Thu Jul 12 19:39 EST Abortion

After the revelation of rampant femicide, an Indian state wants to get serious.

Pilgrims seek victory over Russia’s culture of death

Fr. Peter West Thu Jul 12 17:17 EST Opinion

As I write this, a small band of pro-life missionaries is driving through the vast desolate plains of Siberia, on a historic pilgrimage across Asia and Europe.

We could use some rest: busyness and angst

Eric Metaxas Thu Jul 12 17:04 EST Opinion

It’s a rat race out there, isn’t it? But why are we Christians so busy running it?

Study: contraceptive pills put teen girls at increased risk of high blood pressure

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Jul 12 13:29 EST Contraception

"[T]eenage girls taking oral contraceptives should be advised about regular blood pressure monitoring," said researcher Dr. Chi La-Ha of the Royal Perth Hospital.

Melinda Gates’ false and dangerous solution to poverty

Denise J. Hunnell, MD Thu Jul 12 10:39 EST Opinion

The answer to poverty must be grounded in respecting the dignity of impoverished peoples – not in eliminating them.

Deanna Loveland: young musician, model, and fashion designer takes a stand for life

Kristi Burton Brown Thu Jul 12 11:07 EST Culture of Life

Deanna graciously granted me an interview that gives us insight into the heart of a young woman striving to make a difference in the lives of her generation.

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