Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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If you have not yet had the opportunity to view our powerful 15th Anniversary video, please try to do so. Everyone I have talked to who has seen it has really appreciated the LifeSiteNews story that it presents.

One week into our current campaign we have raised $14,000 or 14% of our $100,000 goal. Please join in now if you are able. A heartfelt thanks to those who have contributed so far.

Steve Jalsevac
Matt Harding 2012 – his silly dance brings more joy – Steve Jalsevac

Dutch doctors turn to ‘continuous deep sedation’ to keep official euthanasia figures low – Peter Saunders

Breaking: House votes to repeal ObamaCare (again)

Ben Johnson Wed Jul 11 15:00 EST Politics

All House Republicans and five politically vulnerable Democrats joined forces in the 244-185 roll call.

Jon Voigt defends Brad Pitt’s mother after she receives death threats

Ben Johnson Wed Jul 11 10:00 EST Abortion

Voight, who is one of Hollywood's few outspoken conservatives, said he shared Jane Pitt's views.

Jane Pitt and her son, Brad.

Google pushes porn with TV partnership

Thaddeus Baklinski Wed Jul 11 14:39 EST

Trueman said Google's launch of the Vivid for Google TV channel late last year means that families must be extra-vigilant.

Pro-life progress in the wolverine state

Michael New Wed Jul 11 13:44 EST Abortion

These recent developments in Michigan provide great evidence that pro-life efforts at the state and local level often make an important difference.

Melinda Gates raises $2.6 billion to give brown women Depo-provera

Ben Johnson Wed Jul 11 17:33 EST Contraception

The International Planned Parenthood Federation promised to triple its services by 2020.

Human Rights Watch denounces Mexico’s right to life laws and ‘barriers’ to abortion

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Wed Jul 11 16:48 EST Abortion

Human Rights Watch complained that the government was doing nothing to eliminate the "stigma" attached to abortion.

The Gates’ family planning initiative: the summit kicks off

Steve Mosher Wed Jul 11 16:24 EST Opinion

The Gates are campaigning to raise $4bn worldwide to expand contraceptive and “reproductive health” services to 120 million of the world’s poor women by 2020.

‘My poor wife, my poor child’: another 8 month-old baby forcibly aborted in China

Ben Johnson Wed Jul 11 13:38 EST Abortion

“My wife and I have had nightmares every day in which we relive what happened on that day,” the father said.

Pan Chunyan, the latest victim to come forward.

A Benedictine response to the Culture of Death

Fr. Peter West Wed Jul 11 13:22 EST Opinion

St. Benedict, pray for the conversion of those who have rejected their faith and are working to promote a culture of death.

Pro-choice author asks men to speak on abortion, claims their lives are better for it

Nancy Flanders Wed Jul 11 12:45 EST Opinion

To Robinson, men who support abortion are “sweet,” while men who are against abortion are “patriarchal bullies.”

Should women face prison time for abortion?

Calvin Freiburger Wed Jul 11 11:46 EST Opinion

The question needs a serious treatment: should anti-abortion laws carry a criminal penalty for the women who seek them?

Chinese officials settle with couple subjected to vicious forced abortion

Ben Johnson Wed Jul 11 09:49 EST Abortion

“As ordinary people, we can no longer take the pressure from all sides of the society," said her husband.

I chose LIFE … but I was tempted not to

Lauren Collins Wed Jul 11 11:25 EST Culture of Life

I felt so lost and out of control. I had always been against abortion, no matter what…but I’m not going to lie: it crossed my mind.

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