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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Allegations and Lawsuit about Fr. Tom Euteneuer:
Can We Believe Anything this Woman Says?
By Jenn Giroux

In any case where any type of allegation is set forth, it is imperative to get all the facts. Furthermore, judgments should fall only to Our Lord, for only he knows the hearts and minds of man. Today’s guest commentary addresses one such instance that involves a beloved priest. Read on for Jenn Giroux’s insights. 

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Why should the Catholic bishops investigate

the Girl Scouts?
Speak Now Girl Scouts
A newly-released, three-part video series, produced by former Girl Scouts and their families, offers compelling evidence of the Girl Scouts’ ties to abortion advocacy groups and demonstrates how the Girl Scouts’ official curriculum and website connects girls to pro-abortion role models and groups, as well as explicit sexual content. The video series provides an in-depth look at the facts behind the pro-life concerns over the Girl Scouts, including troubling content in the Journeys curriculum books and the Girl Scouts’ financial and mission-oriented relationships with pro-abortion groups like the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. An on-line documentation guide accompanies the three-part series providing screenshots and links from the Girl Scouts’ websites, page scans from the Girl Scouts’ curriculum, and copies of the Girl Scouts’ tax returns. The videos and accompanying documentation clearly implicate the Girl Scouts on their continued denials of the many allegations brought forward by faith based and pro-life groups regarding their ties to pro-abortion groups and agendas.  

Why fund research that doesn’t work?

One News Now

A leading pro-life organization says a California bill that would fund embryonic stem-cell research makes no sense because the research doesn’t work. Assembly Bill 1657 would add $1 to every vehicle citation in the Golden State to fund embryonic stem-cell research. The bill would exempt parking citations and would benefit spinal cord injury research. Generated funds would be handed to the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Penalty Account, which is under oversight by the University of California.  

China gives family in forced-abortion case $11K

Fox News
The family of a woman forced to undergo an abortion because she ran afoul of China’s one-child policy has accepted a cash settlement, apparently ending a controversy that caused a public uproar and embarrassed the government. Feng Jianmei’s husband, Deng Jiyuan, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the family accepted the settlement of 70,600 yuan ($11,200) because they wanted to return to a normal life.