Friday, July 06, 2012

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It is well worth often reminding ourselves of this statement in our story today about the Russian Orthodox spokesman:

“One individual held a sign noting the link between communism and abortion: “Lenin – Infanticide number one. World’s first abortion was legalized in Soviet Russia by decree 19 November 1920.”

Yes, that is where it all started, in newly Communist Russia. We have now and then reminded our readers of this fact over the years. And at the same time the Communists initiated campaigns to destroy the family and all traditional sexual morality. It is well known that later Communist agents infiltrated many Western organizations and even churches, especially from the 50s onwards with one purpose being to encourage the acceptance and practice of sexual immorality. They knew that would eventually destabilize and weaken the West – another key to today’s inexplicable,  widespread self destructive social behaviour and growing hatred of those with traditional principles.

Steve Jalsevac

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* Spreading the anti-euthanasia message Down Under – Part 1 – Alex Schadenberg
* BMA corrects Lord Falconer’ s misrepresentation of its position on ‘assisted dying’ – Peter Saunders

‘You’re promoting hate’: Toronto police shut down preacher at Gay Pride parade

Peter Baklinski Fri Jul 06 11:33 EST Faith

“It was really hurtful, because if that’s what happens when Christians stand up and exercise and practice their faith, then we’re not far from being imprisoned or even killed for the faith.”

Brad Pitt’s mom slams Obama on abortion

Patrick B. Craine Fri Jul 06 08:53 EST Abortion

Brad Pitt’s mother has shocked the Hollywood star’s fans after slamming President Obama for his views on abortion and same-sex “marriage” in a letter to the local paper in Missouri.

New Homeland Security lumps anti-abortion groups in with terrorists

Ben Johnson Fri Jul 06 07:12 EST Abortion

The report also blasts those who “seek to smite the purported enemies of God.”

Federal judge stops feds’ indefinite detention law

Ben Johnson Fri Jul 06 18:19 EST Freedom

Critics warn the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) could allow the president to arrest anyone he deems a terrorist actor.

Religious freedom signs censored on Ohio campus, lawsuit alleges

Ben Johnson Fri Jul 06 18:03 EST Freedom

Ohio's Sinclair College tells “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” rally attendees they have no right to expression on campus property.

Bryan Kemper spoke as students were silenced.

Pelosi: Ted Kennedy helped with health bill from Heaven

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jul 06 17:52 EST Abortion

"Now he can rest in peace," the Speaker said of Kennedy following the Supreme Court decision.

Ex-Scientology leader: Messy Tom Cruise divorce could destroy the allegedly pro-abort cult

Patrick B. Craine Fri Jul 06 16:15 EST Abortion

The cult has faced numerous allegations of coercing members into abortions.

Men are the forgotten victims in abortion, says psych – even the ones you love to hate

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jul 06 15:46 EST Abortion

Men are the forgotten victims of the abortion crisis, says one psychologist – but not in the way you think.

Virginia winery a delicate blend of faith, family, and love of the land

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jul 06 13:50 EST Family

"People don't have families anymore. People come here and they feel like they're a part of the family."

Prof who flouts Catholic teaching on abortion promoted as ‘Religion Expert’ by Catholic college

Cardinal Newman Society Fri Jul 06 11:30 EST Abortion

Elizabeth Oljar denies "that abortion is on a moral par with the killing of an innocent adult human being.”

British deputy prime minister: Force churches to conduct ‘gay marriages’

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Fri Jul 06 19:01 EST Faith

Nick Clegg also raised the LGBT rainbow flag above the Cabinet Office.

Nick Clegg flew the flag over the Cabinet Office.

Taking the culture back: Leaving the Christian Art Ghetto

John Stonestreet Fri Jul 06 17:39 EST Opinion

How do we reclaim Christianity’s place in the world of art?

Why legalising assisted suicide for anyone at all will inevitably lead to incremental extension

Peter Saunders Fri Jul 06 16:41 EST Opinion

Pro-euthanasia activists always make a great play of how their proposals to help people kill themselves are extremely modest and are bound by ‘robust safeguards’.

Colbert ribs Melinda Gates about wanting to stop ‘people’s lives from existing’

Timothy Herrmann Fri Jul 06 13:21 EST Opinion

Love him or hate him, Stephen Colbert doesn’t waste time getting to the point.

Russian Orthodox spokesman: Abortion is ‘the most terrible Holocaust in humanity’s life’

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Jul 06 11:10 EST Abortion

Russian Orthodox spokesman Vsevolod Chaplin stirred the conscience of a nation where millions are stung by the scourge of abortion.

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, spokesman for the Russian Ortho

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