Friday, June 29, 2012

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Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian readers. LifeSiteNews will return to is normal reporting on July 3rd.

The US supreme court decision on Obamacare has been an unexpected national shocker, leaving conservative or otherwise just plain honest and loyal Americans, of any or no party, reeling. Many are wondering what the heck happened to Chief Justice Roberts. Planned Parenthood and NARAL are overjoyed at the ruling.

When the decision was unexpectedly delayed last Thursday we knew something was up and it was not going to be nice. There was strong suspicion that the “Abortion President” was acting behind the scenes on his April warning to the court to not overturn Obamacare in what the president claimed would be an act of judicial activism.

And then there is the big question of how Elena Kagan could possibly have been legally permitted to vote on the decision.

However, the dreadful Obamacare decision seems to have given what is perhaps just the motivation injection needed for all those who believe this lying, corrupt president must be defeated in November and a majority of principled American Congressmen and Senators be elected to both houses.

It will likely be a brutally difficult, knock-down, drag-em-out task. This election will almost certainly involve more deception, manipulation and lawbreaking than has ever been seen in American electoral history. All hands on deck for life, family, faith and freedom.

We are delighted to report that our dear Mexican friend Jorge Serrano Limón has finally has been cleared of the trumped up criminal charges that dogged him for the past 8 years. When we were in Mexico last year we were amazed at Jorge’s incredible baby saving organization that has had more success than anything we have ever seen. That is why the pro-aborts have been after him.

Steve Jalsevac

Kagan’s participation in ObamaCare decision may have violated judicial ethics and federal statute

Ben Johnson Fri Jun 29 16:08 EST Abortion

“Elena Kagan should have recused herself,” a constitutional scholar tells

Lawmakers: Obama victory would mean death knell for conservative Supreme Court

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jun 29 15:22 EST Abortion

“In 2010, our goal was to stop President Obama’s anti-life agenda. And in 2012, our goal is to replace him,” said Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH

Conservatives stunned by Roberts’ health care ruling, ask ‘did he cave’ to Obama pressure?

Ben Johnson Fri Jun 29 10:50 EST Freedom

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, tells LifeSiteNews the Chief Justice “bent to that pressure” on recent rulings.


Former NARAL leader must pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraud

Ben Johnson Fri Jun 29 18:20 EST Abortion

The fraud included a $50,000 tab at retailers like Giorgio Armani, 120 non-deductible meals at a sushi restaurant near her home, and $17,000 to rent a home in the Hamptons for one month.


Planned Parenthood, NARAL overjoyed by Supreme Court ruling

Ben Johnson Fri Jun 29 17:44 EST Abortion

Two pillars of the abortion industry issue strikingly similar responses.


Mississippi abortion clinic deceptively hides abortion abuses in court challenge

Cheryl Sullenger Fri Jun 29 17:06 EST Abortion

Operation Rescue has learned that the clinic’s court pleadings omit key information about their primary abortionist’s botched abortion history.


Mifeprestone: a pill that kills

Denise J. Hunnell, MD Fri Jun 29 16:50 EST Abortion

Even the National Abortion Federation admits brutal side effects are the rule.


Catholic Health Association ‘pleased’ by Obamacare ruling

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jun 29 15:57 EST Contraception

Sr. Carol Keehan supports the bill, while America’s Catholic bishops say the law is “fundamentally flawed.”


80-year-old mom receives surprise ‘baby shower’

Peter Baklinski Fri Jun 29 15:34 EST Culture of Life

An estimated $1,000 dollars worth of baby items will be donated to a pregnancy support center in her honor.

Joan Silverberg-Barteau, 80.

Roberts’ ‘very conservatism’ led him to uphold Obamacare: pro-life attorney

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jun 29 11:07 EST Politics

John Jakubczyk, an attorney and National Right to Life representative, said he was “disappointed that [Roberts] went to such lengths to find a means of upholding the statute.”

Mexican pro-life leader victorious following eight years of legal attacks by pro-abortion groups

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Jun 29 17:23 EST Abortion

Jorge Serrano Limón, the founder of Mexico’s largest pro-life organization, had his sentence nullified Tuesday.


An Australian first: Working women are having fewer than two children

Thaddeus Baklinski Fri Jun 29 13:39 EST Contraception

Census data show, for the first time in history, the nation’s women have ended their fertile years with less than two children.

Dr. Genevieve Heard documented Australia's demographic decli

Gays disrupt hearings in Brazilian Congress on psychological treatment for homosexuality

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Jun 29 13:12 EST Homosexuality


Psychologist Marisa Lobo spoke out for patients' rights

Vienna priests will not be forced to renounce dissident anti-Catholic group

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Fri Jun 29 12:30 EST Faith

Christoph Schönborn has told a group of priests that they do not have to renounce their membership in a dissident organization opposed to Catholic teaching.


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