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Friday, June 29, 2012

When the Womb Is a Battlefield
By Judie Brown

A baby is a blessing. Sadly, that mentality seems to be a thing of the past. Instead, today a baby is often thought of as an intrusion, an annoyance, or a thing that can be discarded at any time and for any reason-especially if he does not meet society’s standards of normalcy. Today’s commentary addresses this mentality and explains why this attitude must change if our society is to ever find peace. We must help people realize that, truly, a baby is a blessing. 

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Another Planned Parenthood attack on Live Action ‘gendercide’ YouTube videos fended off

Thomas More Society
Shortly after Live Action posted the first of its series of “gendercide” videos on You Tube, on June 6, 2012, You Tube emailed that it had received another complaint that the postings of these videos had been in violation of its privacy guidelines. At Live Action’s request, Thomas More Society promptly responded to You Tube by letter dated June 8, 2012, arguing that the posting of these videos—-which showed Live Action’s investigator inquiring about and arranging for a sex selection abortion at Planned Parenthood’s New York, New York facility—-was fully consistent with You Tube’s privacy guidelines, and that there would be no justification for their suppression.  

California bill proposes extending pilot program for non-doctor abortions

Live Action News 
Back at the end of April, Senate Bill 1338 swept across the headlines in California. This bill would have made it legal for non-doctors to perform abortions and would have brought industry standards to an all-time low. Pro-lifers hailed the halting of this bill in early May as a victory for life, but the victory is short-lived. SB 1338 was born out of the pilot training program titled the “Health Workforce Pilot Project No. 171” – a project where non-doctors were legally allowed to perform over 5,000 abortions in California. Through the program, the hope of many favoring abortion was to demonstrate and collect data supporting the safety of non-doctors performing abortions and, ultimately, to make the practice legal. While the bill was slapped down previously, California State Senator Christine Kehoe isn’t quite ready to admit defeat.   

Cancer mom refuses abortion, nominated WalMart’s ‘Mom of the Year’

The story of a Canadian mother who declined to abort her baby girl while battling cancer is receiving attention after she was nominated by her young daughter for WalMart’s 2012 ‘Mom of the Year’ award. “My mom is absolutely amazing, always putting us first while encouraging others with her story, positive attitude and being an example of God’s love,” wrote daughter Jocelyn Pitman on WalMart’s tribute page to her mother Maria.