Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Bishop: Conservatives may ‘cop-opt’ HHS lawsuits for ‘anti-Obama crusade’

Ben Johnson Thu May 24 17:21 EST Contraception

“Bishop Blaire's real concern" is that the lawsuits will "play into the hands of the Republican Party and hurt the re-election chances of President Obama,” Deal Hudson told

Western Civilisation End Game: what the World Meeting for Families is up against

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Thu May 24 17:16 EST Opinion

What is to stop our societies from sliding all the way back to our retrograde, and violent, pagan past?

Florida Catholic U drops student health plan over HHS mandate

Patrick B. Craine Thu May 24 12:28 EST Faith

Ave Maria University will no longer require students to have health care coverage because of the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate.

3 retired, 80 former priests criticize Catholic bishops’ support for Minnesota marriage amendment

Calvin Freiburger Thu May 24 14:55 EST Faith

A spokesman for the Minnesota Catholic Conference decried the letters as "unfortunate attempts by some to divide Catholics from their shepherds, their bishops."

House Republican proposes measure to protect Planned Parenthood funding

Christine Dhanagom Thu May 24 13:48 EST Contraception

Rep. Bob Dold's plan to assure Planned Parenthood is not defunded has enraged pro-lifers and won him no friends among abortion supporters.

Illinois Republican Congressman Bob Dold wants to protect Pl

Pennsylvania works to cut Planned Parenthood funds; Louisiana nears passage of fetal pain bill

Patrick B. Craine Thu May 24 10:35 EST Abortion

Pennsylvania legislators have proposed a new bill to remove state funding from Planned Parenthood, while the Louisiana senate has passed a bill banning most abortions after 20 weeks.

No evidence that anti-bullying legislation works: new report

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu May 24 14:08 EST Family

While millions of dollars have been spent on numerous anti-bullying programs and policies, there is a lack of evidence about a return in investment.

Vancouver Archbishop: Abortion is returning us to a ‘state of barbarism’

Patrick B. Craine Thu May 24 13:05 EST Abortion

Vancouver Archbishop J. Michael Miller says abortion and other “threats against life” “eat away at the moral fiber of civilization itself, leading it to return to a state of barbarism, where life is treated trivially.”

Pro-life activists prohibited from collecting signatures outside Fátima shrine

Peter Baklinski Thu May 24 16:19 EST Abortion

Portugal Pro-lifers say they were bewildered on May 12 as they were expelled from the exterior area of the famous Marian shrine in Fátima.

Christian psychotherapist loses case after gay ‘sting’ operation

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Thu May 24 15:31 EST Faith

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy has ruled that Pilkington will lose her senior accredited status.

The worst thing about ethics

Judie Brown Thu May 24 12:39 EST Opinion

We must demand fidelity to true ethics that never change. Nothing else will suffice.

Judging human worth

Adam J. MacLeod Thu May 24 12:20 EST Opinion

The failure to grasp the implications of intrinsic human worth plagues arguments for physician-assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia.

How many states have banned gay ‘marriage’?

Peter Sprigg Thu May 24 11:35 EST Opinion

In the wake of the passage of North Carolina's pro-marriage amendment, media reported conflicting numbers about states and marriage.

Colombia’s Constitutional Court gives custody of two boys to American homosexual

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Thu May 24 11:08 EST Homosexuality

The Court has granted custody of two boys, ages 11 and 13 to Chandler Burr, a former perfume critic for the New York Times.

Freedom of religion is a fundamental right

Patrick B. Craine Thu May 24 11:07 EST Faith

Religious freedom is not some disposable commodity. Yet for too many today it has been deemed contingent on the legislative flavour of the week.

The president’s still-contorted position on same-sex marriage

Carson Holloway Thu May 24 10:46 EST Opinion

Given the legal principles involved in recognizing same-sex relationships as marriages, it’s hard to see any coherence in President Obama’s statement.

Restless in reality: boredom and true leisure

Eric Mataxas Thu May 24 10:15 EST Opinion

For the Christian, watching something to simply stave off boredom should prompt some soul-searching.

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