Many Faithful Suffer Because of the Lack of Good, Spiritual Leadership from Their Priests

The following letter is from a Priest who made a recent comment on Catholic Spiritual Motherhood.  Catherine Beier, asked me to post it on Courageous Priest.

Please read and say a prayer for him as we celebrate the Octave of Easter.
All emphasis mine.

I came across this site providentially today, one year from the date on which the article was originally published online. (Here is the article he is referring to.)  As a priest who is still in his first year of priestly ordination, I would like to say THANK YOU for this excellent website on Catholic Spiritual Motherhood.

What you say about priests needing the help of faithful laity is completely true. I rely on the prayers of so many faithful laypersons in order to fulfill as faithfully as I can the responsibilities that Our Lord has placed in my hands as one of His priests.

Unfortunately, I do not get a lot of support from my fellow clergy, as the priesthood that I want to live out is a radical one in which I give myself completely, without reserve, to Our Lord through Our Lady.

Many priests prefer, sadly, the path of least resistance, and a life of comfort. This is why there are so few priests who have the courage to proclaim from the pulpit those Truths of Priest, Holy Priest, Catholic Priest the Catholic Faith that are difficult to say. And yet, is this not our God-given mission? Are we not called to be somewhat like the prophets of old, who had to speak God’s Holy Word even when it meant suffering persecution and being disliked (even hated) by those who do not want to listen?

Please pray, and continue to pray very fervently to Our Blessed Mother, Mary, that she may obtain for Her Son’s Church holy priests, according to the Heart of Jesus.

One holy priest can do so much more for the Kingdom of God than a multitude of lukewarm priests.

I thank you once again for your beautiful website, and for your wonderful apostolate of spiritual motherhood for priests. As you pray for us, we in turn can do what God is calling us to do for you: bring you Jesus Christ, and nothing less. We were ordained to bring Christ to you, but we can only do it by remaining faithful to our call — and this requires a great deal of prayer and sacrifice.

Thank you for all that you do for us priests, and know that your reward will be great in Heaven!

With all my prayers and fraternal, priestly blessing.

-A Canadian Catholic Priest


Here is further correspondence between Catherine and the Canadian Priest.

One day, the day will come when faithful Catholics (bishops, priests and laity) will no longer have to worry about “offending” other “Catholics” by their fidelity to the Faith and their orthodoxy.  This is a big struggle in the clergy today.  Faithful priests often have to be silent and struggle in their soul, without saying too much exteriorly, since their brother priests often do not understand why they cannot compromise on Church teachings or practices.  I believe that this is the way in which Our Lord is calling us to renew His Church:  through our spiritual self-sacrifice.  After all, He too was like a Lamb taken to be slaughtered, not opening His mouth but peacefully accepting the Will of His Father.

I know of many faithful laypeople who suffer as well because of the lack of good, spiritual leadership on the part of their priests.  My heart goes out to them, for they are truly like sheep without a shepherd.  And yet they thirst for the Truths that Jesus Christ and His Church give.  I thank God for faithful laypeople like yourself too, Catherine.  Thank you once again for praying and encouraging others to pray for your priests.

May Our Lady keep you very close to Her Immaculate Heart during this Holy Week, and lead you ever more deeply into the Sacred Heart of Her Son.


With my prayers and fraternal blessing,

-A Canadian Catholic Priest


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