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Dear Friends For Life,

"This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad!" (Psalm 118:24). Easter is a time of great joy in the Church as we celebrate the 'Resurrection of Jesus' and 'His Victory of Life'. As people who work for the Dignity of Life, we celebrate by proclaiming and applying this victory to every segment of our planet. Christ's victory has destroyed death, including abortion and all evil. The Culture of Death will never have the final word.

To all our Friends for Life, I wish a Happy and Meaningful Easter. We find our strength in the Resurrection. We find our joy in Life.

Easter Prayer for Life
    Lord Jesus, In rising from the dead,
    You have conquered the entire Culture of Death.
    Make me a voice for the Culture of Life,
    Especially for children threatened by abortion
    The sick and elderly threatened by euthanasia.
    Fill my heart with Easter joy and a strong Faith,
    For you live in each of us now and forever.

God Bless,
Jerry Novotny, OMI

(The Difference is LIFE) "A government that determines what is a religious ministry and what is not, what is the nature of an institution such as marriage, which predates both Church and state and is the creature of neither, when human life begins and when it can be taken without penal trial has exceeded the boundaries of limited government and is already on the road to totalitarianism." – Francis Cardinal George, OMI.

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**************************************** Newsletter #570
April 8, 2011



1. What does the Bible say about contraception?
2. The Challenge of Contraception For Those Who Respect Life
3. The Poor Exploited By Growing Market For Human Organs
4. Is the Six-Million-Dollar Man possible?
5. The lessons of bullying
6. Tomb of underground priest destroyed: "Beijing even afraid of the dead"
7. Catholics and Capital Punishment
8. In the Aftermath of Redefining Marriage, Absurdities Multiply. Woman "Marries" Herself in Recent "Ceremony"
9. I'm going to kill our baby: a father's worst nightmare
10. Condom video stirs Buddhist resentment
11. Conscience Matters
12. Charge: U.S. selling aborted baby body parts

(Life): "The Easter Message Gives Hope for a Culture of Life" –  Let us continue to work for a Culture of Life and build an authentic civilization of Love. The message of Easter fills us with hope, courage and determination. The stone has been rolled back and the power of death has been destroyed forever. There is nothing to fear. Yes, we face obstacles that seem staggering, but we do not face them empty handed. We face them in the power and love, which is Jesus Christ. He is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Love has conquered and will conquer.


ITEM #1: What does the Bible say about contraception?

The morality of contraception must be viewed in this light, that is, in the light of God's ineffable love for human life and his plan for its transmission. Looking to the Bible for guidance on the issue of contraception must consider the Bible's revelation of the sovereignty of God over creation and His plan for marriage. It must also recognize that Scripture reveals children as the supreme gift of marriage and a blessing from God.


ITEM #2: The Challenge of Contraception For Those Who Respect Life

Contraception poses a challenge to those who respect life. It may not be immediately obvious that there is any connection between contraception and abortion, but on further examination, a relationship between the two becomes apparent. Ignoring the issue of contraception leads to a lost opportunity to respect life to the fullest degree.


ITEM #3: The Poor Exploited By Growing Market For Human Organs

The organ trade is thriving in Bangladesh, a country where 78 percent of residents live on less than $2 a day. The average quoted price of a kidney is 100,000 taka ($1,400) – a figure that has gradually dropped due to an abundant supply from the poor majority.


ITEM #4: Is the Six-Million-Dollar Man possible?

Current bionic body part replacements can imitate human function, but considerable technological developments will be necessary before entering an era of enhancement. Dr Anders Sandberg, from the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford, told the BBC: "I do think it is possible to reconstruct a body quite easily and get into a six-million-dollar man situation." For the next 10 years, he thinks the field will be at the level of "pretty nice prosthetics", but would then start to be "significantly better" than the real thing.


ITEM #5: The lessons of bullying

The moral universe was thus turned upside down, within the space of my own lifetime. It is religious freedom that is now under attack. As Facebook and other "social media" have reminded us, there are many ways to bully, and technology is improving them every day.


ITEM #6: Tomb of underground priest destroyed: "Beijing even afraid of the dead"

The police smashed a tombstone because the engraving said the deceased was a "father". But he "had no right" to the title because was not recognized by the government. only relatives and a few faithful of the village allowed at funeral ceremony and cemetery.


ITEM #7 Catholics and Capital Punishment

The topic of capital punishment has become, in recent decades, a contentious and increasingly confusing one among Catholics. Some Catholics insist the Church has finally – and authoritatively – renounced the death penalty. Some argue further that the death penalty is no different than abortion or euthanasia, and that supporting any of these acts rends the "seamless garment" of Church teaching regarding the dignity and value of life. And not a few go so far as to say that no one deserves the death penalty, for it is cruel and unusual punishment not fit to be supported by Christians.


ITEM #8: In the Aftermath of Redefining Marriage, Absurdities Multiply. Woman "Marries" Herself in Recent "Ceremony"

The secular world, having sown in the wind, now reaps the whirlwind. If something as outlandish as two men together can be called "marriage," who is to say that any other part of the definition cannot be tampered with? Why should marriage be between only two? Here come the polygamists. And apparently too, here come the soloists like Ms (Mrs?) Schweigert. And while we're at it, who is to say marriage has to be between two humans? Bring on the bestiality advocates as well as those who would like to effect marriages between their pets.


ITEM #9: I'm going to kill our baby: a father's worst nightmare

In the abortion issue, men are often treated as faceless, voiceless individuals. All the time. Although he and his wife had agreed to have this child – had both wanted this child – she changed her mind one day. And there was nothing he could do about it. Until a baby is born, a father has exactly no say and no rights in whether that child lives or dies.


ITEM #10: Condom video stirs Buddhist resentment

A national Buddhist organization has urged the government to ban a short animated video clip airing on local media stations that aims to promote the use of condoms to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually related illnesses. The head of the government-sanctioned Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam said the video clip – a parody of a well-known story of the pilgrimage of Xuanzang, a seventh-century Chinese Buddhist monk, to India with three of his students and titled "Tang Sanzang journey to the West for … condoms" – was disrespectful.


ITEM #11: Conscience Matters

With Health and Human Services (HHS) implementing its mandate, forcing employee insurance to cover contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilization, it is time to revisit the "right of conscience."


ITEM #12: Charge: U.S. selling aborted baby body parts

Even though the practice is a criminal offense, one pro-lifer asserts that body parts are being harvested from aborted babies and used for research purposes in the U.S. and abroad. After an investigation by Life Dynamics revealed the practice, Investigate Magazine, a New Zealand-based current affairs publication from a conservative Christian standpoint, went on to determine that a Maryland brokerage firm has been arranging the sale of parts of American aborted babies to the University of Auckland medical school in New Zealand for experiments.



1. BE INFORMED: "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6. Visit Website for insights into current Life Issues Access to all prior Newsletters is located in the Archives on main page.

2. PRAY DAILY: for the courage to be God's presence in society and to strongly support those who are deemed "unworthy of life". "If My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

3. BECOME INVOLVED: Several years ago Fr. Jerry created a project entitled, "Journey for Life into the Heart of Asia". The project appeals for donations to help finance plane travel for lectures and seminars to developing countries in Asia. Strong focus is centered on reaching Asian Catholic Major Seminaries, Universities, Parishes, Hospitals and Family/Pro Life related groups. The lectures place emphasis on "The Asian Family at Crossroads: Life Issues, Trends and Challenges".

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