There was the reversal of the Susan G. Komen breast-cancer foundation, which suddenly decided to fund cancer screenings by Planned Parenthood after deciding no longer to do so just days before, to the elation of pro-lifers.

There was the decision by U.S. Health and Human Services to mandate health-coverage payments for contraception as well as sterilization and abortifacient drugs even for agencies and institutions operated by the Catholic Church that receive public funds and service a non-Catholic majority. (Abortifacients are drugs that induce abortion, contrary, it goes without saying, to our Faith.)

There are the desecrations:

Hosts trampled (in Mexico, in Texas), statues defaced (in New York), graveyards trashed, atheistic billboards mocking religion (or advertisements showing a church burning), “comedians” outright disparaging us.

There is no denying that an assault on religion is in progress at the same time that Christians are showing an ever-greater inclination to fight back, at least for now — especially the young. (At Vanderbilt University, students are loudly protesting an administration move that would disallow campus organizations from dismissing members based on their beliefs — even if the groups are faith-based organizations.)

Across the U.S., nearly all bishops had letters read at Mass or otherwise circulated a week ago announcing that Catholic organizations should not comply with that new federal health-care dictate — the most direct challenge to Freedom of Religion, the first amendment, in memory.

The directive may not have been focused on religious freedom, but rather on keeping the new “health-care” law uniform, since it calls for reimbursing birth control and since there would be a large hole in it without the participation of Catholics institutions — especially all the colleges, social-service centers, and hospitals. And it wasn’t like requiring Catholic churches and dioceses to participate.

Nonetheless, it showed startling disregard for major Christian tenets and eroded religious rights in the same way that vandals have trampled those statues and every Catholic — even if non-practicing — should be alarmed

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