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Topic: The Last poem of St. Therese (October 1)
The Last poem written by St. Therese

Soon, soon, to heaven that waits for us, my soul shall swiftly fly.

O Thou who cam'st to smile on me at dawn of life's beginning!

Come once again to smile on me…. Mother! the night is nigh.

I fear no more thy majesty, so far, so far above me,

For, I have suffered sore with thee; now hear my heart's deep cry!

Oh! let me tell thee face to face, dear Virgin! how I love thee;

And say to thee forevermore:

thy little child am I.




St. Therese
“Sometimes I find my self saying to the Holy Virgin: “Do you know, O cherished Mother, that I think myself more fortunate than you? I have you for Mother and you have not, like me, the blessed Virgin to love … You are, it is true, the Mother of Jesus but you have given Him to me, and He, from the Cross gave you to us as our Mother, so we are richer than you. Of old it was your desire that you might be the little handmaiden of the Mother of God; and I, poor little creature, I am, not your servant, but your child: you are the Mother of Jesus and you are my Mother.”
Thoughts of Saint Therese, 154-5
(Tan publishers)
Today I will ask St. Therese to teach me her devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.


I will say:

thy little child am I.

Marian Vow:
St. Therese
“O Mary, if I were Queen of heaven and thou wert Therese, I fain would be Therese to see thee Queen of Heaven!”
September 8, 1897
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.