Feast day – July 30th



Father Pietro Bernardi, O.F.M. Cap, postulator
It is almost impossible to say how much Father Leopold loved the Madonna. The tone of his voice when he spoke of her, the light in his eyes when he looked at a picture of her, cannot be put into words at all. You would have to have seen him in order to comprehend something of the ardent love for Mary in the heart of this Capuchin.

Ferdinand Holboc
During his assignment at the friary in Thiene, near Vicenza, in the years 1906 to 1909, Father Leopold often helped the lay brothers humbly with the household chores, washed the dishes, cleaned the cells, and set the table. Since his soul was turned constantly toward God, he wanted them to pray during their work, especially the Litany of Loreto. At the invocation "Cause of our joy"

, he interrupted his work, lifted his eyes to heaven, and remained for a while in this attitude, as though enraptured. Once a confrere asked him, "Father Leopold, why do you interrupt your work at this invocation of the Litany of Loreto and raise your eyes to heaven?" At that he exclaimed, "O Madonna, the Madonna, the cause of our joy!" Then he remained looking up to heaven for a long time,


his face beaming.

Ferdinand Holbock, New Saints and Blesseds of the Catholic Church Vol I,(Ignatius Press), 





What did St. Leopold have to be joyful about? He was only four feet six inches tall. His dream of 


missionary work was 


never fulfilled. Instead he spent hours every day in the Confessional. In fact, at his canonization John Paul referred to Saint Leopold as "the Confessor." How many crosses did he bear in hearing so many confessions?


I will imitate St. Leopold who during his work paused at the invocation Cause of our Joy and looked up to heaven. I will ask him to explain this mystery to me and teach me to find my joy in Our Lady.

Marian Vow:

Ferdinand Holboc
Mary stood by him at all times, consoled him during the terrible spiritual trials, restored peace to his tortured soul, strengthened him in his physical sufferings, and helped him to give fresh courage to the sinners and unfortunates who came to him and to lead them back to the right path.
Ferdinand Holbock, New Saints and Blesseds of the Catholic Church Vol I,(Ignatius Press), 



I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.