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Ivan Prayer Group May 27 – Live My Messages… So That I Can Give You New Messages…


May 27, 2011 A.D.

Our Lady appeared to Ivan at the Blue Cross tonight at around 10:00 p.m. Pilgrims began to find their way to the Blue Cross in the early evening, to find a quiet spot to pray and reflect on the great grace they were about to receive – being in the presence of the Queen of Heaven and Earth. By the time Our Lady appeared, there were thousands of pilgrims gathered up and around the Blue Cross. The beautiful sunset this evening gave way to a beautiful sky full of stars. Tonight, after some singing, we prayed two mysteries of the Rosary, the Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries. Our Lady appeared to Ivan around 10:00 p.m., and the apparition lasted for several minutes. The following is Ivan description of the apparition:

Also tonight Our Lady came to us very joyful and happy and at the beginning, as always, She greeted us all with Her Motherly greeting,“Praised be Jesus, my dear children.” Our Lady then extended Her arms and prayed over all of us here for a longer time. In a special way, She then prayed over the sick present and She blessed us all, and everything we brought to be blessed, with Her Motherly blessing. Our Lady then said:

“Dear children, today I desire to call you: live my messages that I am giving you so that I can give you new messages. Thank you, dear children, for having responded to my call.”

Then Our Lady prayed for a while especially for conversion of sinners. Then, in a special way, I recommended all of us, our needs, our intentions, our families and especially all the sick present. Our Lady then continued to pray over all of us. She left in that prayer, in an illuminated Sign of the Cross with a greeting, “Go in peace, my dear children.”

** Note: When translating into English, Ivan repeated that Our Lady is especially asking us to live this message that She gave to us two days ago on the 25th.

Crowds gthering at Ivan's Prayer Group

Pilgrims arriving in the early evening of May 27, 2011, for Ivan’s apparition of Our Lady. 

“How can we expect people to listen to our words about how to live Our Lady’s messages, when we do not know ourselves what that means? We must learn from Our Lady how to live a holy life and to step-by-step change our life to match what Our Lady is teaching us. Our opinions, our way of doing things, our behavior, even our likes and dislikes had to change in order for us to “try” to become as Mary requests—a ‘reflection of Jesus.’ This is what it means to live the messages. If we are not changing our lives according to what Our Lady is saying, She cannot give us new messages, messages that will help us continue on the road to conversion. What step is Our Lady asking you to take today in changing your life?”

A Friend of Medjugorje
From How the Early Church Learned…

Crowds gthering at Ivan's Prayer Group

Another beautiful sunset in Medjugorje, tonight, May 27, 2011 while pilgrims waited for Our Lady’s apparition by the Blue Cross.

“You are chosen. Commit or recommit now this moment. Go upon your knees and implore Our Lady with all your heart to fill it with Her peace. Confess infidelity against Her words. Love Her. She is calling you to peace, to love of our neighbor, to do no harm to anyone, even enemies. She is calling the world…waiting. “

A Friend of Medjugorje
From You Have Been Called


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