May 13, 2011 


(Luk 1:48)
Because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid: for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

COURAGEOUS PRIEST: Archbishop Dolan – "Go To Mom's House"

FATHER CORAPI: Mary: Mother of The New Evangelization


EXCERPT: Our Lady of Fatima: The mystery in historical context

The message of Fatima has been heard in Portugal, and Mary's goodness has marvelously repaid it.  Has it been heard in the rest of the world?  Certainly not enough.  Otherwise wars among nations by armies, and "cold wars," and fratricides within countries would have ended long ago.

However, not all have turned a deaf ear.  The message of Fatima has been received in part, at least, by a great number of Christians.  Devotion to the rosary continues to gain favor and reaches into many countries.  As has been said, all the dioceses of the world have been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the bishops.  The visits of the Pilgrim Virgin statues have been received with tremendous enthusiasm not only by Catholic populations, but by Protestants and Muslims as well.

The message of Fatima has moved many and has contributed to making our era an Age of Mary.  It has not spoken its final word.  What that word will be depends on the cooperation which Our Lady of Fatima receives from us.  She extends this call and invitation to each of us.

A MOMENT WITH MARY: Three Doves in Fatima

In 1946, two friends found themselves in a delirious crowd while the statue of Our Lady of Fatima was carried in procession from Bombarral to Lisbon, in the midst of ovations such as a prince had never received.  Carlos, a believer in his youth, exclaimed jubilantly like everyone, but his friend, Fernando, on the contrary, had a mocking look on his face.  "It's hard to believe that such a thing can still be seen in the middle of the 20th century!  Granted, I can basically accept Marian devotion, but this is only a statue.  It's almost idolatry!  You must admit, Carlos, it's really too much!"


Then they looked towards the sky and saw three doves hovering in the air.  All at same time, the birds finally plunged and whirled around the statue, and then they landed one after the other at the base of the statue, near on the Madonna's feet.  The crowds acclaimed the feat with cries of joy – clapping their hands loud enough to wake the dead – but the birds were by no means frightened.  A shower of flower petals fell upon them, but the doves still did not fly away.  Far from it!  They seemed content to lower their heads and cover themselves with their wings when the flowers became too heavy.  Cooing softly, they just pressed themselves closer to the statue.  There, they remained perched there for many days, motionless; letting the crowds feed them, without leaving their post.

As the procession entered the Cathedral of Lisbon, the doves still did not move.  During high mass on December 6, 1946, one of the doves flew up and settled on the Madonna's crown, thus symbolizing the Holy Spirit.  During the distribution of the Holy Communion to four thousand worshippers, the dove turned towards the altar by extending its wings and remaining in this attitude of worship until the end of mass.  The crowd watched the bird in astonishment, seized with wonder and admiration.  Fernando was watching too, he was there holding a small girl on his shoulders so she could get a better look.

Ladder of Divine Ascent excerpt: Step 28- "On holy and blessed prayer"

21. If you constantly train your mind never to wander, then it will be near you during meals too. But if it wanders unrestrained, then it will never stay beside you.

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