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. . . I wrote of it in “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas 17 Times.” Still, the apathy of many Catholics about the tenets of their faith has only furthered the atheist agenda, not to mention their relative score. Before we all sign up for remedial CCD classes, it might boost our Catholic spirits to know that American Protestants fared no better than Catholics on the Pew Center study. Their score was also a solid “F.” Jews did better overall than Catholics and Protestants, but also flunked, and Mormon scores were just under the atheists’ barely passing “D.” Americans as a whole averaged a score of 50%. There are no bragging rights anywhere. . . .

Religious literacy in America is at an all-time low, and the awareness of Catholics of their own faith is alarming.  Find out just how alarming it is in "Sitting in Your Own Pew:  Religious Liberty and Literacy in America" the subject this week at These Stone Walls.  Please do share this link with your friends and contacts:

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