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Mary is venerated by Christians of various denominations. She also has a place in the Jewish and Muslim worlds.

Jacques de la Bastide- President of the Mary of Nazareth Association: “Mary is, first, the Jewish woman par excellence. The Jewish people are the people of the promise, that is the chosen people, which is yearning for the arrival of the Messiah and Mary is the one who, more than any other Jewish man or Jewish woman (…), embodies this expectation, this desire of Israel.”

Jacques de la Bastide : “As regards the Muslim world, they have a special devotion to Mary. Mary, in Islam, is the ideal woman, the entirely pure woman. She is the one who embodies the ideal, whom we might imagine the most beautiful. And so, Mary is celebrated in the Koran in a very amazing way. Mary will has Sura 19 which is entirely consecrated to her.”

Jacques de la Bastide: “And Mary is truly the Mother, not just of Christians, but the mother of all mankind; it is she who wants to gather all the children together regardless of their history. And therefore she will not be satisfied that only a few be saved. She wants everyone to discover the beauty of this message, to discover her son to whom she continues to lead all these children. ”

Mary, Mother of all humanity. “This is the message which everyone wants to carry to Nazareth. Jew, Muslim, or Christian, all are convinced that Mary gathers her children together and leads to peace and reconciliation between peoples.”

This is the Spirit of Nazareth : This search for unity between all men without trying to syncretize religions. And, the Mary of Nazareth Center is the best place for this search for unity.

Mgr. Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo – Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Israel: “ (…) Mary of Nazareth was a young woman of the Jewish people. We know that through her we have received the Divine Word. It is through her that he is born and is part of the people of the Bible, of the chosen people, the Jewish people. So, for Jews, this is very interesting because it allows them to deepen their understanding of their history, and I would also say an aspect of our history, of the Jewish origins of Nazareth, of the childhood of Jesus, the life of Jesus in his first years.”

Masalha Omar, former department head at UNESCO:
“Mary is really as the Koran has said. She is the best woman, the most virtuous on earth. There is no woman on earth more venerated than Mary according to the Quran. ”

Mgr. Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo : “ (…) Mary is a bridge. She makes dialogue and encounters with Muslims and Jews possible.”

Omar Masalha : “ In my opinion, Nazareth is a city unique in its kind, because it is an ecumenical city, it is a city where people have always lived together in exceptional harmony. There have never been problems between Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims, Sunni’s, or Shiites, in Nazareth … never, never … They have always reflected the spirit of this city. This spirit in my opinion comes from the mother, our mother, the Virgin Mary.”