Pro-Life Institute Announces Florida Tour

Columbus, OH –

The <a href="http://christianmailalert.com/12all/lt/t_go.php?i=971&e=MTg2NDI4&l=-http&#8211;www.endabortion.org/” target=”_blank”>Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) will be taking our highly acclaimed <a href="http://christianmailalert.com/12all/lt/t_go.php?i=971&e=MTg2NDI4&l=-http&#8211;www.cbrmidwest.org/pdf/PLI.pdf” target=”_blank”>Pro-Life Institute (PLI) to the state of Florida in February 2011.  We have scheduled 5 PLI training sessions.  If you live in the vicinity of any of these campuses, please plan to attend the Pro-Life Institute.  There is no cost for the training; however, an offering will be received.


Here is one of many testimonies:

 Excellent material.   I could have sat through several more hours!  I am compelled to continue learning and sharing the truth to change the world’s view on abortion. – A 27 year old female

CBR’s winter 2011 PLI schedule is as follows:

  •  Feb. 12-13 – PLI at Florida State University and University of West Florida
  •  Feb. 18 – PLI at Ave Maria University
  • Feb. 19-20 – PLI at Florida Atlantic and Florida International University

To RSVP for any of the above PLI sessions, please email Seth@EndAbortion.org.

The combination of classroom training and campus outreach is helping to raise up full-time pro-life apologists who can go toe to toe with those who hold positions of influence with our youth.  Over 75 young pro-life missionaries from as far away as Europe and Canada will be joining American pro-lifers for two full weeks of intense equipping and ministry.   If you live near any of these universities, we are in need of housing for dozens of our missionaries.

To give a special gift electronically to help with this tour, click HERE.

Or to support CBR with a check, send to:


PO Box 360503

Columbus, OH 43236

Mark Harrington is a Regional Director for <a href="http://christianmailalert.com/12all/lt/t_go.php?i=971&e=MTg2NDI4&l=-http&#8211;www.endabortion.org/” target=”_blank”>CBR and President of the Pro-Life Institute.

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