In the spirit of the season, Taylor Marshall (Called to Communion) offers “top ten ways to have a Catholic Halloween:

This time of year introduces several debates. Among conservative Protestants it’s “Halloween or no Halloween?” which sometimes becomes “Halloween vs. Reformation Day,” the latter being the celebration of Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses on Oct 31. Even some Catholics are concerned that Halloween has become “evil.” Well, here are ten ways to keep good ol’ Halloween fun and sacred. …

And speaking of our Protestant brethren, John Mark Reynolds (First Things‘ “Evangel”) asks: Is Reformation Day the new Kwanzaa? ;-)

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Actually, I never liked Halloween because of its “trick or treat” stuff. In New York City, where I was brought up, there was just too much emphasis on “Trick” without the “Treat!” I saw some bad stuff being done to people and their property. One that I hated the most was that egg throwing, some of the delinquents do. They stand off the side of a busy road and hurl eggs at passing cars, splattering the windshield and sometimes, if you have your window down, the driver and passengers too! And that stupid graffiti that they do, marking up your doors and walls with black paint, usually sprayed and hard to get off. Sure, the little kids going house to house getting treats is cute, especially the little ones in their costumes, so innocent, but those older vandals need a good spanking or some other “shock straight” treatment to hopefully convert them. Sorry, but I hate Halloween and will not be answering the door when you knock!