July 30, 2010
Dear friends and fellow lay apostles,
I am so grateful to each of you for your prayers and good wishes. I especially thank you for your prayers for my family. Through God’s goodness, I am recovering nicely from an unexpected illness and with rest should be fine.
The work goes on, of course, and we are blessed to have a team in place, all of you, who serve steadily to bring God’s graces to His children.  Together, we are sharing these graces in fifteen languages. Such progress!
In the days to come, you will hear from our Treasurer, Mr. Euse Mita. He leads our team in the effort to spread this rescue mission. He will update the apostolate on current priorities, goals and projects. In the meantime, we send our prayerful support to all lay apostles heading up the many, many local evangelization efforts.
Additionally, there is a Eucharistic Evening on August 28, 2010 in
Chicago at St. Daniel the Prophet. This is a direct answer to my prayer. Dear apostles, if you were going to the event that was postponed due to my illness, be sure you attend this evening instead. The talk I was giving was recorded in Los Angeles and that will be played by DVD, so I will be there in that way.  And we all know that lay apostles need Jesus, not Anne. I promise you, dear friends, Jesus will be there and He has promised to send great graces through every one of our Eucharistic events.
During my convalescence, I am quite happily writing about marriage as well as praying for all of you, all of your apostolic endeavors and all of your families. God’s gratitude flows down to each one of us and through each one of us. No sacrifice, no effort on His behalf is wasted, so together, we rejoice in all of the good that comes into the world through our ‘yes’ answers.
With gratitude, confidence and joy in God’s plan for us all, 
Anne, a lay apostle
Direction for Our Times
9000 81st Street
Justice, IL 60458