May 1, 1993

Title: Love For Mary At First Sight

R.  My first love of the Center came through
the Sorrowful Mother statue. I drove up and wanted to see it through
the windows. I felt so close to her, as if the statue was alive. I took
pictures of the statue just to have them as I loved it so much.

     All through the letters I received about the
aching heart, in front of the tabernacle, I experienced somebody else’s
pain. It was Jesus and Mary’s pain! I kept hearing the song, "The Lady
is Calling". I heard that song as if on a little tape recorder when I
first went to see Fr. Smith. I was awaken in the night and it was

I was sent to Conyers in June and heard the song

She is calling me to the Center. My experiences are
around her statue there.

     At Fr. Smith’s Mass, in March, I saw the
precious blood outside the cup when I received it. It was July 17,
1993, the first day I went to see Fr. Smith.

    Mary appeared that day in my
dining room at home. It is a pail green room.

The very hairs of your head are numbered!