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Saturday, July 24, 2010

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Republican Leadership Now Unanimously Opposes Pro-Abortion Kagan
Rationing Czar Donald Berwick Has Lifetime Health Care, GOP Responds

Members Slam Obama Admin’s Promise to Not Fund Abortion in Health Care

to Life to Senate: Defeat Disclose Act, Places Limits on Pro-Life Groups

Residents Support New Pro-Abortion Constitution, Polling Results Show

Trust Obama Administration to Keep Abortion Funding Out of Health Care
• Salon Writer Responds to "Family
Guy," Let’s Have More Abortion on Television

California Pro-Life Group Disputes Results of Field Poll Showing Abortion Support

Jersey Governor Christie Vetoes Bill Sending Millions to Planned Parenthood
• Nebraska
Attorney General May Not Fully Defend New Abortion Screening Law

Alabama Dismisses All Charges Against Pro-Life Protestors
News: Susan Collins, Kagan, Abortion, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Waco, Texas

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Republican Leadership Now Unanimously Opposes Pro-Abortion Kagan

DC ( — Sen. Lamar Alexander, the Tennessee Republican
who is the chairman of the Senate GOP conference, announced his opposition
today to the nomination of pro-abortion Solicitor general Elena Kagan to
the Supreme Court. His announcement makes it so every top Republican lawmaker
now opposes Kagan.

voted against the president s nomination of Elena Kagan to be Solicitor
General and I will vote against her confirmation to the Supreme Court for
the same reason," Alexander said today in a statement.

Obama won the election, and I am not surprised that he would nominate someone
to the Supreme Court whose political and judicial philosophy is different
from mine, he continued.

he voted for another pro-abortion nominee last year, Alexander says Kagan
is too far outside the mainstream to receive his support.

is not necessary for a judicial nominee to be on my side politically
for me to vote to confirm her. One year ago I voted to confirm the president s
nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court," he said.

his announcement, Kagan now has only two GOP supporters, Sen Lindsey Graham
of South Carolina and Dick Lugar of Indiana.
are pro-life but they say presidents should be entitled to have their Supreme
Court nominees confirmed.
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Rationing Czar Donald Berwick Has Lifetime Health Care, GOP Responds

DC ( — Earlier this month, President Barack Obama used
a recess appointment to make rationing advocate Donald Berwick the director
of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Now, new information shows
the rationing czar has lifetime health care insurance from an institute
paying him millions of dollars.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner highlights
in a column today
that Republican members of the Senate, who did not
get a chance to hold a hearing or vote on Berwick thanks to the recess appointment,
are pointing to Berwick’s ties to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement
as a problem.

nonprofit organization received $12.2 million in contributions and grants
in 2008, the Examiner indicates, and Berwick received $2.3 million that
year in compensation. His salary from the organization was $637,006 in 2007
and $585,008 in 2006.

York writes that one item researchers into Berwick’s background noted is
a small paragraph inserted into an audit report noting the members of the
board of directors approved, in 2003, health insurance coverage for Berwick
and his wife "from retirement until death."

of Americans worry about securing coverage and paying for it. Berwick, who
advocates rationing for the masses, will never be one of them," York

would like to question Berwick on this and other issues, but will not have
the chance.
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Members Slam Obama Admin’s Promise to Not Fund Abortion in Health Care

DC ( — A group of 21 hardcore pro-abortion members of the
House sent a letter to Obama administration officials today complaining about
its promise not to fund abortions in the new high risk health insurance programs
created under the national health care plan President Barack Obama signed.

has reported, the National Right to Life Committee uncovered
by the Obama administration and state officials to fund abortions
in the programs.

The abortion
funding would have taken place in Pennsylvania, New
, Maryland and
potentially other states. Responding to NRLC’s whistleblowing, HHS
officials promised
no abortion funding would occur — although no law or
administration rules have been implemented to do that.

Now, some
of the most ardent abortion proponents are complaining because they want abortion
funding guaranteed.

In a letter
to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the lawmakers argue
the Obama administration should be working to expand women s access
to care, and not narrow the scope of care available.

We are concerned that limiting the range of services that women can access
will affect how women and their physicians make private medical decisions,
the lawmakers wrote. Women with pre-existing conditions may be in medically
vulnerable positions, when health considerations and life considerations are
most intertwined and complicated.
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to Life to Senate: Defeat Disclose Act, Places Limits on Pro-Life Groups

DC ( — The National Right to Life Committee is again asking
members of the Senate to defeat the DISCLOSE Act, the campaign finance reform
bill. The pro-life organization says the bill places such onerous limits on
pro-life groups that they would have problems getting their message out.

The Senate
is scheduled to a cloture vote on Tuesday on whether to take a vote on the bill
(S. 3628).

With that
in mind, the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) today sent senators a letter
characterizing the bill as "a blatant political attack on the First Amendment
rights of NRLC, our state affiliates, and our members and donors."

The letter
advises members that the limits are so problematic, NRLC is forced to include
a roll call of the vote in the annual ratings of Congress it provides to millions
of pro-life voters.

The bill
would codify a vague and expansive definition of express advocacy
under which any expenditure for a public communication that takes a position
on a candidate s character, qualification, or fitness for office
might be deemed to be an independent expenditure and therefore subject
to numerous burdensome and intrusive regulations.

bill applies this vague standard not only to broadcast ads very near elections,
but to any public communication broadcast or print at any time
of the year, and even to paid ads on the Internet," the letter complains.
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Residents Support New Pro-Abortion Constitution, Polling Results Show

Kenya ( — Two new polls released today reveal Kenya residents
plan to support the proposed constitution on an August 4 vote. The constitution
has become an international debate as the Obama administration has come
under heavy criticism for spending
as much as $23 million
to support it.

polling firm Synovate conducted a survey with more than 6,000 Kenyans and
found 58 percent of those interviewed say they plan to vote for the constitution
while just 22 percent said no and the rest were undecided or said they would
not vote.

poll also found just three percent of those surveyed worried violence would
break out if the constitution is defeated, as happened the last time Kenyans
rejected one at the polls. That appears to undermine some of the arguments
government officials are using to request a Yes vote.

numbers are quite low, which therefore means that there is that level of
tolerance of each other’s position," said George Waititu, the managing
director of the polling firm, told AP.

new poll also found abortion is the main reason Kenyans cited for potentially
voting no — with 62 percent of those saying they will oppose the constitution
naming abortion as the top reason.

AP indicates a second poll conducted by the firm Infotrack with 1,200 people
found 65 percent of Kenyans planned to vote Yes on the constitution and
25 percent said they would vote no, while the rest remained undecided.
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Trust Obama Administration to Keep Abortion Funding Out of Health Care

Richard M. Doerflinger

passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in March,
amidst an unresolved debate about the legislation’s impact on abortion and
conscience protection.

As president
of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Francis George
explained then that the bishops had to oppose the final bill despite their
strong support for health care reform, because (among other things) it appropriates
billions of dollars in new funding without explicitly prohibiting the use
of these funds for abortion. Others dismissed this charge, saying
that legislative intent and a last-minute executive order from President
Obama prevented abortion funding.

Fast-forward to July, when one of those PPACA provisions appropriating billions
of dollars was about to take effect. Section 1101 of the Act provides $5
billion for high-risk insurance pools, providing much-needed
health coverage for people with pre-existing conditions who
cannot otherwise get coverage.

This program ends in January 2014, when these patients can join others in
purchasing qualified health plans on the new state insurance exchanges.
State governments can propose the benefits list and other details for covering
their residents in these pools, but the federal government makes final decisions
and provides all government funds for subsidizing this coverage.

groups found that several states beginning with Pennsylvania,
New Mexico and Maryland
had announced on their web sites that their statewide plans would
include elective abortions.
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Writer Responds to "Family Guy," Let’s Have More Abortion on Television

by Melissa
does Salon think American TV needs more of? Abortion, and lots of it.

In a
July 20 "Broadsheet" article,
Salon writer Mary Elizabeth Williams addressed Fox’s decision to release
the highly controversial "Family Guy" abortion episode as a stand-alone
DVD feature this September. Williams crassly compared the comedy show’s
efforts to make money off a "Banned From TV" episode to "having
an abortion and getting your baby too."

episode’s controversy revolved around character Lois Griffin questioning
whether to go through with a pregnancy as a surrogate mother for a couple
who died in a car crash. Williams used the network’s move as a springboard
for her real complaint: the lack of abortion on American airwaves.
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Pro-Life Group Disputes Results of Field Poll Showing Abortion Support

CA ( — The director of the California Pro-Life Council
is disputing the results of a new Field Poll showing state voters strongly
support abortion. The poll has been used by the media and political observers
to imply pro-life Senate candidate Carly Fiorina may have a tough election

to the new survey,
more than 70 percent of Californians support legalized abortion.

Field Poll says that number has remained steady — with anywhere from 66
percent to 71 percent of Golden State voters saying they support abortion
since it began polling on it in 1987.

Brian Johnston of CPLC says the Field Poll demonstrates its intentional
"framing of answers" in it’s opinion survey and is at variance
with reputable opinion analysis.

Field Poll is well known for its ideological agenda and is a paid contractor
of such for a consortium of California newspapers," he told
yesterday. "The questions in its most recent poll are clearly designed
to mislead those questioned and thus intentionally misconstrue their answers.
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Jersey Governor Christie Vetoes Bill Sending Millions to Planned Parenthood

NJ ( — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie won the praise of
pro-life advocates today by vetoing a bill that would restore the family planning
funds his administration cut from the state budget because of deep economic
troubles. Although it doesn’t fund abortions directly, the money goes to the
Planned Parenthood abortion business.

The funds
go to 58 family planning clinics but Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest
abortion chain, runs 29 of the facilities.

thinks there’s little reason to send the abortion centers $7.5 million when
the state currently faces an $11 billion deficit. He said the "unprecedented
financial difficulties" of the state made it so the money was better off
not spent.

state budget removed the millions in funding for the abortion businesses but
Democrats, in June, voted to restore the health and family planning services
via a supplemental funding bill that is on his desk.

Marie Tasy,
executive director of New Jersey Right to Life, told this afternoon,
"For far too long and without voter approval, NJ taxpayers were forced
to fund Planned Parenthood in the state budget under ‘family planning services.’"
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Attorney General May Not Fully Defend New Abortion Screening Law

NE ( — Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning said in a radio
interview today that he may not fully defend a new state law that helps women
obtain more information about abortion risks. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland
filed a lawsuit against a bill supported by pro-life advocates.

The measure
is designed to help women get the kind of information on abortion’s risks and
alternatives that it fails to provide.

During an
interview on Lincoln’s KLIN radio, Bruning said he is debating whether it is
worth the time and expense to defend the law through what is expected to be
a lengthy appeals process or whether lawmakers should draft a new bill to respond
to the issues raised in the lawsuit.

Last week,
U.S. District Judge Laurie Smith Camp issued a ruling blocking the state from
enforcing the law.

When he
issued a statement to coincide with his brief filed beforehand to defend LB
594, he said he vigorously opposed the preliminary injunction and temporary
restraining order requested by Planned Parenthood.

594 was enacted to ensure that women are informed of the risks and complications
of having an abortion, said Bruning. Today we filed our brief and
we are confident the law will stand.
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Alabama Dismisses All Charges Against Pro-Life Protestors

AL ( — The city of Birmingham’s legal department dismissed
all criminal charges against nine members of the Survivors pro-life group after
losing a case about an incident involving its police department.

The pro-life people were arrested in February 2009 and jailed overnight for
displaying pro-life signs and handing out literature on a public sidewalk outside
a high school in Birmingham.

The pro-life
youth activists were represented by Life Legal Defense Foundation staff attorney
Allison Aranda, along with local attorney Nicholas Beckham.

video evidence of the events showing the team peacefully and lawfully exercising
free speech rights on the public sidewalk, the City filed trespass charges against
the individuals claiming that the young people unlawfully entered school property.

we are elated that justice has finally come to the nine youth who were falsely
arrested," said Dana Cody, Executive Director of the Life Legal Defense
Foundation, "these meritless charges should have been dismissed long ago."
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News: Susan Collins, Kagan, Abortion, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Waco, Texas

Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins to Back Elena Kagan
DC ( —

Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins has announced she will support pro-abortion
Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Collins’ announcement made her the third
GOP senator to support Obama’s choice to succeed retired pro-abortion Justice
John Paul Stevens.

Pennsylvania Abortion Centers Reportedly Close, Run by Steven Brigham
PA ( —

Two Pennsylvania abortion centers have reportedly closed following news
that state health officials are pursuing complaints against abortion
practitioner Steven Brigham.

Pro-Life Governor Jan Brewer Cruising to Solid Lead in November
AZ ( —

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was struggling earlier this year but now holds a
commanding lead in the campaign to keep her job.

Texas Pro-Lifers Battle Planned Parenthood Again on Nobody’s Fool

TX ( —

Pro-Life Waco has challenged its local Planned Parenthood with the content of
Healthy Happy and HOT from International Planned Parenthood Federation.

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