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You Need the Holy Spirit

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 31, 1994 3:00a.m.

My child, I love you so much. I want you to be alone with Me at night. Jump from your bed and be with Me. Receive Me in the early hours. I love to be alone with you.

Your life is so short, sweet one. You will soon see how you are preparing yourself for the days ahead. No preparation is enough. Times will be hard times. Such a false peace exists. Children will be guarded. I am a just God. I love My little ones. Parents will be led back to God and His world. Where they were blind, they now see.

Pray constantly for souls. Do not think that you can be at rest. You need to be constantly about preaching My word and praying for your brothers’ souls. Their souls are at stake!

The Eucharist is the center to draw men’s hearts back to God. Promote the Real Presence. Tell everyone how I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and I truly give Myself to them in the Eucharist.

Tell them to pray to the Holy Spirit. Tell children about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is full of gifts. You will know God through Him. His fire and life He gives to you and the life of God is alive in your soul. Pray to Him. Tell all about the Spirit. He must be alive in your hearts to know God. Tell all to pray to Him. It is through His gifts your eyes will be opened and you will see things only God can show you.

R. Such simplicity! Take the wisdom of God-so simple, but so profound. Where I was blind, I now can see. Enkindle in me Your gifts, Spirit of God. Where I once was dead, I have become filled with Your life. You breathed Your life deep into my soul and I could see clearly as never before.

Such wisdom! Such profound truths! You reveal to me with such simplicity! Oh,man of himself is so blind and the Spirit is so alive! Enkindle in me Your life. The deaf hear, the blind see. The life of God is enkindled in our hearts and we know the fire that burns deep in our breast, a fire of love for our precious God, three in one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Such love for You, my God! You are one with Jesus. Such immense love I have for You and You have for us. Where I was blind, I now can see. Your word I love, Your Mass I love, You I love. My God, three in one, and holy, holy is Your name! I bow before You with such reverence at Your might. You are mighty and worthy of all honor and praise and holy, holy is Your name, one triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit! I bow low and reverence You in Your might. I kiss the ground and give You homage. You are holy and holy is Your name. I praise You. I worship You. I bow before You, God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

"Where I was blind, I now see." For quite a while I have been getting this, constantly, all day long. "Where I was blind, now I see." What do I see? I see God as never before through the Holy Spirit. There is burning and life in my breast for I love God, three in one, so dearly. The Holy Spirit removes the blinders from our eyes. We see the word of God as never before. Our hearts know God. We read His word and participate at the Mass with such joy and love, to participate in every word, to know as we did not know before, to read the word. To go to Mass and love God, we need the wisdom, understanding and knowledge of the Holy Spirit. It is His Spirit alive in our hearts that makes the Mass come alive in such color and it grows daily in our hearts.

Spirit, pour Yourself into me. Give me Your life. I am on fire with the love of God. The more You give me, the more I see. Where I was blind, I now can see! See with the eyes of God. Take my blinders from my eyes, impart to me wisdom to know as only God knows, knowledge to know God, understanding to grasp the meaning of Your truths, love, enkindled and burning so brightly deep within my breast. You are the one, true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Give me the life and love of God that flows from the Spirit alive in me. Enkindle in me fire for my God!

I ardently love my beloved Jesus and I know more His love for me. I know more fully the love of Jesus through the spirit alive in my breast. Jesus is one with the Father. The love He has for me comes from the Father. The Father created us. He loves us so. He willed His only Son to die that we might have eternal life. All the love I have for Jesus and He has for me is enkindled in my heart for my dear, loving Father. What a Father to behold! I can scarcely speak, realizing a little of His great love for me. This I realize through my love of Jesus. Oh, how I love my beloved Jesus. My heart burns inside, but to magnify this love with the love of the Father and the Holy Spirit, I can scarcely speak.

I receive Jesus in Communion. I receive God! The one, triune God is present. Where Jesus is, so is His beloved mother. She loves us so. She suffered for us. She is the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is through her sinless Heart I learn to love my God. My love is so imperfect. Her love is so pure. She is the daughter of the Father, the mother of the Son, the spouse of the Holy Spirit. Such love she has for God. Through her pure Heart, I can give love to my beloved God more abundantly.

The road is not visible to some, only to those who see with the eyes of faith, for you never trod alone.

To see as You want us to see and not as we want to see, give us Godly vision, Lord. I am grasping for the love of God and Mary. I pray to know God more fully and love Him through my beloved mother. Oh, how I am in awe and my heart is burning for this love of God.

I am given such life through the Holy Spirit. This growth is constant. I love the Mass, I love the word of God! I am so excited for this life I feel within me. Give me Your eyes to see. Where I was blind, I now see and what do I behold when the blinders are removed? The one, true, magnificent God, holy and true and in our midst this very day through Jesus in the Eucharist.

Bow down, bend low, behold it is God among us. Where I was blind, I now can see. Praise You, Spirit, for Your life within my soul. May Your fire ever grow within me and radiate Your love to this world.

Alleluia. Praise the one, true God! What I am seeing is not with eyes. It is in my heart. A blind man can see more in his heart than his faithful ones see with their eyes.

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