• Every kid should learn Faith in God!
  • Faith in God!
    Life is tough! Very few people on earth have it easy. There are many trials in life; like a ship crossing an ocean: one day it is calm and peaceful, there’s are births, parties, graduations, marriages, a new job, a new home, etc.; then there are the stormy days when the ship seems to want to sink: sickness, death in family, loss of work, business loss, foreclosure of home, etc. It’s a fact that most people who have Faith in God struggle through the stormy times, hanging on to the Rudder (God) until they come to the calm seas again; while some others who don’t believe in a loving, caring , personal God jump overboard by turning to drugs, alcohol, depression, insanity, suicide, to name a few. It is important to pray for your children that they have Faith and that you teach them to believe in God and how to pray. As an old famous priest used to say: "The family that prays together, stays together!" That could also mean staying in your right mind and never giving up to despair; always having hope that things will get better with the grace of God!