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40 Days for Life

Dear Deacon John,


It’s Monday … and that means good news! After almost four weeks of this 40 Days for Life campaign, there have been 281 babies saved from abortion – that we know of!

All credit and glory go to God alone, who has heard your prayers … and answered them! Here are just a few examples.


Manassas, Virginia



“We heard about a young woman who came out of the abortion clinic crying,” said Ken in Manassas. As she drove past the prayer volunteers, she stopped the car, got out and came running toward them, happily shouting that she had decided to keep her baby.

“She was embraced with great joy and then she surprised everyone by grabbing a sign, holding it up proudly … and praying with her new friends,” he said. “As you can see, your presence out there is powerful … and you never know what good might happen!”


Fresno, California



Volunteers were able to speak to a woman in her 20s who had just come out of Planned Parenthood after learning she was pregnant. She was in tears.

“Her boyfriend had just gotten out of jail,” said Marcos, the 40 Days for Life leader in Fresno, “and she was told by the Planned Parenthood staff that in her situation, abortion was the best alternative and would make everything better.”

The vigil participants, however, shared information about the help that is available in Fresno.

“I also talked to the boyfriend and let him know that the child is also his … and he is just as responsible for the child as she is,” he said. “We talked for a while and at the end of our conversation they seemed more at ease.”

She had intended to make an appointment for an abortion … but after hearing that she can find real, life-affirming help, she would not be going back and would keep her baby.

Marcos said, “Women often just need to know that they are not alone.”


Manchester, England



John in Manchester says vigil participants give out information envelopes. The exchange can be a conversation starter … and there can be very positive results.

A woman and man arriving at the abortion facility took one of the envelopes … and when they left the building a short time later, they told the volunteers they would not be going ahead with the abortion.

“Our volunteers also gave out client envelopes and had friendly discussions with two teenagers coming for abortions,” John said.


“Feeling already uncertain, they finally wanted to keep their babies. One of the girls blew a kiss to the volunteers as she was leaving,” he said. “These saves were a welcome new experience for these particular volunteers.”

Here’s today’s devotional from Ernest Ohlhoff, Outreach Director for National Right to Life.


Day 27 intention

We pray for humility in our work for God’s Kingdom.



Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross.

— Philippians 2:5-8



There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we don’t care who gets the credit.

Jesus Christ’s life on earth exemplifies a total submission to the will of the Father. His humility, compassion, gentleness and thoughtfulness are reflected over and over again in the New Testament. He was God incarnate, yet He chose to be born to a humble, working class home.

How absurd it must have seemed to the rich and powerful that the Son of God, the Messiah, the one foretold by the prophets, the “King of the Jews” was born and raised as a simple peasant.

During His thirty-three years on earth, He sought no riches, claimed no secular power and gathered no possessions. Yet, His short time on earth changed more lives, softened more hearts, and gave hope to more people, than all the rich and powerful human kings combined.

And, at the end of His life on earth, by dying on the cross, He opened the door to eternal life for those who heed his words and follow in his footsteps.



O Lord, help us follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Let us humbly and diligently work to restore legal protection for the unborn, the disabled, the medically dependent and all innocent children of God whose lives are threatened. Let us remember the old adage that “He can never lead who has not first learned to obey.” And, Lord, grant us a peaceful heart as we labor in your name. Amen.


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For Life,
 Shawn Carney


Campaign Director

40 Days for Life


China: 46-Year-Old Woman Forcibly Sterilized

Contact:              Reggie Littlejohn, President, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers


Cell:                        310.592.5722



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — China:  Two-Child Policy Will Not End Forced Abortion or Gendercide


According to a report in Bloomberg Businessweek, Cai Fang, vice director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, has stated:  “We will fully relax the policy” in two years, allowing all couples to have a second child.  The reason:  China’s shrinking labor pool will cause the potential growth rate to fall an average of 6.2 percent annually from 2016 to 2020.

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, has responded:  “The Chinese Communist Party is finally waking up to the fact that, by instituting the brutal One Child Policy for economic reasons 34 year ago, it unwittingly signed its own economic death warrant.  China will grow old before it grows rich.  China’s population problem is not that it has too many people, but that it has too few young people.” 

“To say that China ‘will fully relax the policy’ is extremely misleading,” Littlejohn continued.  “Allowing all couples to have a second child does not constitute a ‘full relaxation’ of the One-Child Policy. The problem with the One Child Policy is not the number of children ‘allowed.’  Rather, it is the fact that the CCP is telling women how many children they can have and then enforcing that limit through forced abortion, forced sterilization and infanticide.  Even if all couples were allowed two children, there is no guarantee that the CCP will cease their appalling methods of enforcement.  Women will still need a birth permit to have their first and second child.  Women who get pregnant without permission will still be dragged out of their homes, strapped down to tables and forced to abort babies that they want, even up to the ninth month of pregnancy.

“Furthermore, instituting a two-child policy will not end gendercide.  Indeed, areas in which two children currently are allowed are especially vulnerable to gendercide, the sex-selective abortion of females.  According to the 2009 British Medical Journal study of 2005 national census data, in nine provinces, for ‘second order births’ where the first child is a girl, 160 boys were born for every 100 girls. In two provinces, Jiangsu and Anhui, for the second child, there were 190 boys for every hundred girls born. This study stated, ‘Sex selective abortion accounts for almost all the excess males.’  Because of this gendercide, there are an estimated 37 million Chinese men who will never marry because their future wives were terminated before they were born. This gender imbalance is a powerful, driving force behind trafficking in women and sexual slavery, not only in China, but in neighboring nations as well.

“The Chinese Communist Party periodically modifies the One Child Policy, but the coercion at its core remains.  Indeed, ‘One Child Policy’ is a misnomer that causes confusion.  There are numerous exceptions under which couples can have a second child, but enforcement through forced abortion remains.  It should be called China’s ‘Forced Abortion Policy.’ 

 “The coercive enforcement of China’s One Child Policy continues to cause more violence toward women and girls than any other official policy on earth, and any other official policy in the history of the world.  Those who care about women and girls must continue to press with persistence until forced abortion and gendercide are eradicated from the face of the earth.

“China’s Forced Abortion Policy does not need to be modified.  It needs to be abolished.”


View WRWF’s “Save a Girl” campaign to end gendercide and forced abortion.

Sign a petition to end forced abortion.

Watch Stop Forced Abortion – China’s War on Women! Video (4 mins)


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China to Broaden Two-Child Policy in 2 Years, Adviser Says



(c)Mary TV 2014 




October 20, 2014

St. Paul of the Cross


Dear Family of Mary!


Tuesday, November 29, 1983 To Jelena:

For the intention of the group:

“I am your mother full of goodness, and Jesus is your great friend. Do not fear anything in His presence. Give Him your heart, from the bottom of your heart. Tell Him your sufferings, thus you will be invigorated in prayer, with a free heart, in a peace without fear.”


Today is the Feast of St. Paul of the Cross, the founder of the Passionists. St. Paul felt that constant prayer was essential for a Christian, and that the Passion and Death of Jesus teaches us everything we need to know to grow in holiness.


I found an article about St. Paul by Fr. David Colhour, CP., who wrote this about St. Paul:


A third and very strong faith conviction which Paul operated under was the belief that God is doing something in everybody’s life every single moment of every single day.  We may not always be conscious of it, but below the surface there is always some kind of divine presence and activity sometimes encouraging us and sometimes prodding us.  We may find ourselves fully participating with it, or we may find ourselves even resisting.  Nonetheless, God’s presence is there at work.   Paul writes, “Remain in the divine presence in everything you do.  If you are busy at work with your hands, let your mind and heart be inwardly on God”.  And in another place, “Be at peace in your sufferings without trying too hard to understand them in your mind.  A true servant of God is praying always.  I don’t mean kneeling down, but with loving attention to the divine presence.  In so far as this involves a lack of feeling of God’s presence, so much the better.”  Strong faith certainly has very little to do with making one  feel okay, rather it is more about finding obedience in a relationship of divine love that is perpetually calling us.   


Fr. David Colhour, CP 


St. Paul’s words are full of comfort and hope. I really feel drawn to the idea that God is constantly at work in our lives, moment by moment, whether we know it or not. I believe we are never left alone by God. Even though we may not feel Him near us, He never leaves us. The Father watches over us, Jesus lives within us, and the Spirit guides and protects us day in and day out. Our job is to believe this, and remain mindful of it, no matter what. “Loving attention to the divine presence!” That is how we can pray always!


I had an experience of the divine presence actively working in my life this past weekend. Denis and I attended a beautiful conference given by Totally Yours Pilgrimages in St. Charles, IL. At one point during a conference session, I discovered that my purse was missing. I looked everywhere and asked all the kind people around me if they had seen it. It was nowhere to be found. As you can imagine, I was really upset. Most of my identity was in that purse. I began to panic. I was just shaking and thinking the worst. But all the people around me began to pray. They were awesome. And Denis stayed calm and prayed as well. So I made the decision to pray, and the thought came to me that the Lord could use this situation for my good, that He can use any situation to bless me and that I should trust Him and be at peace.


Within a few minutes of that grace-filled moment, Denis came walking up with my purse! He found it under a table that we had searched under several times. It was inexplicable. But there was the purse, intact! I cannot describe the relief that washed over me to see my purse. But even more, the peace and joy that I experienced in seeing God’s hand at work. He taught me a good lesson. He was working in me and around me throughout that little trial. And He changed everything in a moment. Truly, the Lord made His presence known to me through that experience. He worked through the wonderful people who helped me, through Denis who never gave up, and through even my poor heart by speaking words of great hope when I was the most distressed! I felt I had been given a new life!


St. Paul said: “Be at peace in your sufferings without trying too hard to understand them in your mind.  A true servant of God is praying always.  I don’t mean kneeling down, but with loving attention to the divine presence.” I experienced the fruit of giving loving attention to the Divine Presence yesterday. Truly Jesus is our friend, and we should fear nothing in His presence!


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

©Mary TV 2014

“Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world.”
Saint John Paul II
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Gay old Italy

Rome’s center-left mayor on Saturday recognized the validity of 16 gay “marriages” performed outside Italy, the first such ceremony in the capital, sparking an angry reaction from the interior minister and the Catholic Church.
Catholic Synod’s final report nuanced on homosexuality, other issues

The synod’s final report, released Saturday, presents substantial changes with respect to the much discussed midterm report, especially regarding homosexual persons and the divorced and remarried.


Steady as She Goes


I have spent the day mostly in prayer, listening, speaking with my spiritual director, praying, going to Mass, listening some more… and these are the thoughts and words which have been coming to me since I wrote The Synod and the Spirit.


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40 Days for Life

Dear Deacon John,


40 Days for Life is based in the grass roots … where abortions actually take place. Our headquarters team takes great joy in meeting and praying with as many campaign volunteers as possible because the end of abortion starts at the local level.

Steve Karlen, our North American outreach director, has already visited at least 20 vigil locations this fall … with many more stops scheduled before November 2.

Every visit reveals the power of prayer and what is at stake in every abortion. As Steve reports from a recent trip, when a mom chooses life for her baby, that baby grows up to be very thankful … even 38 years later.


Overland Park, Kansas



Wendy, the local leader in Overland Park, shared a story about how 40 Days for Life connects with people and builds community

A man walked up to Mike, one of the volunteers, to thank him for being there. The man said that 38 years ago, his mother and grandmother had scheduled an abortion – an abortion that would have taken place if it had not been for the people on the sidewalk that day.


The man was especially thankful for that … because he was the baby that was saved!

On another occasion, a woman approached the volunteers to tell a different sort of story. Ten years ago, she had a baby who died shortly after birth. She told the vigil participants that in her case, abortion would have been “easier” on her and the baby.

“This young mother had four small children with her, but was still very obviously in pain from the experience ten years ago,” Wendy said. “The counselors on the sidewalk listened with empathy and tried to tell her that she made the right decision. She left without changing her mind, but she nonetheless saw a witness of God’s love.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota



It’s campaign number eight in Sioux Falls … a location that’s notable because this vigil takes place in front of the last remaining abortion facility in South Dakota.

Cathy, the campaign leader in Sioux Falls, shared the good news that a baby was saved from abortion through the prayers of the volunteers.

She was also excited that 27 members of a youth group, along with their leaders, came from the communities of Flandreau and Elkton to pray at the vigil. That’s roughly an hour away from Sioux Falls.

“The momentum is really building here,” Cathy said, “and I can’t wait to share our next victory with you.”


Fayetteville, Arkansas



When I arrived at the vigil in Fayetteville, there were a bunch of people out praying. A director from a local pregnancy center came out for my visit, which provided an opportunity for Julia, the local 40 Days for Life campaign leader, to network with the center.

I’ve known Julia since I met her in Florida back in 2010. I’ve had great respect for her as she’s never been afraid to roll up her sleeves and do whatever necessary to help the pre-born and their mothers.

She’s got a tremendous heart for the mission and has helped saved babies in New York City and Eastern Pennsylvania … and has now settled in Northwest Arkansas where she’s brought her life-saving gifts to Fayetteville.


Thanks again to Steve Karlen for today’s update!



Here’s today’s devotional from Vera Faith Lord, director of the Alpha/Omega Life Ministry.

Day 26 intention

That those who have forgotten their purpose may discover it in God and therefore have the courage to choose life.



These all wait for you, that you may give them their food in due season, what you give them they gather in; you open your hand they are filled with good. You hide your face, they are troubled; you take away their breath, they die and return to their dust. You send forth your Spirit, they are created; and you renew the face of the earth.

— Psalm 104:27-30



“I am a feather on the breath of God.”

As the quote above portrays, we are upheld by the power and purpose of God. Our very existence on earth, from our body’s first breath to its last, when we leave it to return home, is our Father’s choice and happens only by His willing to do so.

He who created the universe also created that which is “me.” I do not have a soul; I am a soul, as well as a body. My entire purpose in this life is to find my way back to my Creator.



Beloved Father, remind us today that there is no truth but you. Do not let us fall prey to the evil one’s lie that we may choose death. Remind us right now that you, who created all life, are in control of all life, and let us know right now that you who created all life, are in control of all life, and let us choose life always.

Father, please let us hear your voice more today than yesterday. Keep lighting the pathway home, for us and for all who participate in this 40 Days for Life campaign. Father, we’re on our way. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.


Printable devotional

To download today’s devotional as a formatted, printable PDF to share with friends:

For Life,
 Shawn Carney


Campaign Director

40 Days for Life


3-parent embryo development ‘unethical,’ could result in disabled babies
98 years, 6.6 million aborted babies: happy birthday, Planned Parenthood


Margaret Sanger Deutsch: Margaret Sanger (* 1879)

Margaret Sanger Deutsch: Margaret Sanger (* 1879) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion business, is celebrating its 98th birthday today and the abortion giant has done over 6.6 million abortions since Roe v. Wade, more than any other abortion company.


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