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Monday, September 1, 2014

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Top Stories
• PBS Doubles Down, Hosts Video Chat With Producers of Film “Humanizing” Late-Term Abortions
• These Stunning Photos Show You How a Baby Fits in the Womb
• This Baby Was Born at 23 Weeks, She Could Have Been Legally Aborted Instead
• Parents Choose Life for Their Baby Born Without Arms

More Pro-Life News
• Planned Parenthood Holds Youth Events to Indoctrinate Next Generation With Pro-Abortion Views
• Greg Abbott Files Emergency Request to Uphold Pro-Life Texas Law Closing Abortion Clinics
• Stop Calling Patients Vegetables: Joan Rivers Will Never be a Carrot
• Why is the Abortion Rate Declining?
• Are Democrats Waging the Real War on Women?
• Activist: The Real Problem With Abortion Clinics is the Lack of Herbal Tea After Abortions

• Judge Allows Pro-Life Louisiana Law That May Close Abortion Clinics to Take Effect

• What Pro-Choice? California Mandates Employers Must Cover Elective Abortions
• Head of Canadian Medical Association Opens Door to Assisted Suicide
• Planned Parenthood Pushes Radical Law Prohibiting Pro-Life Free Speech in Vermont

PBS Doubles Down, Hosts Video Chat With Producers of Film “Humanizing” Late-Term Abortions
Millions of pro-life people may be up in arms about a pro-abortion film PBS will air this evening that “humanizes” late-term abortions, but the taxpayer-funded network doesn’t seem to care.

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These Stunning Photos Show You How a Baby Fits in the Womb
Marry Fermont, a photographer in the Netherlands, started taking pictures of babies immediately after their birth to document what they look like in utero. Her pictures testify to the humanity of the unborn child, and show women what their children look like before they arrive.

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This Baby Was Born at 23 Weeks, She Could Have Been Legally Aborted Instead
A premature baby in England has survived after she was born at 23 weeks — opening up a debate about when abortions are legal in the U.K. Data from 25 British hospitals over the past four years shows that 120 babies born at 23 weeks survived while around 560 babies are aborted at 23 weeks’ gestation every year in the U.K. alone.

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Parents Choose Life for Their Baby Born Without Arms
Like many young couples, Richard and Linda Bannon wanted to have a family of their own. But Linda, the oldest of five children, was born with Holt-Oram syndrome. Holt-Oram syndrome is “characterized by skeletal abnormalities of the hands and arms (upper limbs) and heart problems.” For Linda, it meant that she was born without arms.

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Planned Parenthood Holds Youth Events to Indoctrinate Next Generation With Pro-Abortion Views
It looks like Planned Parenthood had a busy summer training young people to advocate for abortion no matter what. According to the organization’s website, Planned Parenthood facilitated a series called Youth Organizing and Policy Institutes.

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Greg Abbott Files Emergency Request to Uphold Pro-Life Texas Law Closing Abortion Clinics
Late Sunday night, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed an emergency request with a federal appeals court to uphold a pro-life law credited with closing multiple abortion clinics and cutting abortions 13 percent, saving an estimated 9,900 babies from abortion.

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Stop Calling Patients Vegetables: Joan Rivers Will Never be a Carrot
Whatever the future may hold for Joan Rivers, who may have experienced brain damage during surgery, she will always be an exceptional human being deserving of equal rights and perceived moral value.

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Why is the Abortion Rate Declining?
Over the most recent decade for which data are available (2001–2011), the overall U.S. abortion rate, calculated as the annual number of abortions per 1,000 women of childbearing age (15 to 44), has dropped, continuing a trend that first appeared in 1980. The decline has been steeper since 1990, with a brief plateau in the middle of the past decade. The 2011 rate for the nation is the lowest since 1973.

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Are Democrats Waging the Real War on Women?
Earlier this month, Senator Lindsey Graham introduced the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in the U.S. Senate.

Activist: The Real Problem With Abortion Clinics is the Lack of Herbal Tea After Abortions
Shortly before the news broke that a judge had struck down a key part of the new Texas abortion law.

Judge Allows Pro-Life Louisiana Law That May Close Abortion Clinics to Take Effect
A judge has issued a ruling on a pro-life Louisiana law that protects women’s health and could have resulted in closing three of the state’s five abortion clinics because they are unable to properly protect the health and safety interests of women.

What Pro-Choice? California Mandates Employers Must Cover Elective Abortions
This “choice” thing with abortion is really the narrowest of one-way streets.

Head of Canadian Medical Association Opens Door to Assisted Suicide
This is how the culture of death advances.

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Planned Parenthood Pushes Radical Law Prohibiting Pro-Life Free Speech in Vermont
Planned Parenthood’s at it again–trying to criminalize and prohibit free speech by proposing that pro-life protestors stay away from their abortion facility in Vermont.



Going gold for Cole

My son Cole died two and a half years ago from neuroblastoma, a common childhood cancer, after suffering through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy injections and painful radiation therapy.
British parents arrested seeking treatment abroad for dying child

[Pix from YouTube Video] The grandmother of a 5-year-old British boy with a severe brain tumor accused U.K. authorities on Monday of cruelty for seeking an arrest warrant and pursuing the family abroad after his parents removed him from a British hospital against medical advice.
Judge Blocks Pro-Life Louisiana Law That Could Have Closed Abortion Clinics

A judge has blocked a pro-life Louisiana law that protects women’s health and could have resulted in closing three of the state’s five abortion clinics because they are unable to properly protect the health and safety interests of women.
US Rep., Iraq war vet ‘thrilled’ to be pregnant

Duckworth, 46, has been married since 1993 to Bryan Bowlsbey, also an Iraq veteran. “It’s a high-risk pregnancy,” Duckworth said. “We’ve been trying for five years.
“Poverty 90% solved’ by traditional marriage”

Ninety per cent of poverty could be solved through the affirmation of marriage between a man and woman, a contentious conference in Melbourne has heard.”

Developing a Personal Relationship with the HolySpirit is Essential

The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity,  the Person of Divine Love.  The Father and Son love one another with an infinite love and this love is a Person,  the Holy Spirit.  He is called a Spiritbecause He proceeds from the Father and Son.  He is the bond of Love and Union between the Father and the Son.

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded...

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded by angels, by Giaquinto, 1750s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To the Holy Spirit are especially attributed the works of the Holy Trinity about Love, that is to say the sharing of Divine Life….Grace….and the infusion of thespiritual gifts which lead to our holinessour being more like God through the merits of Jesus Christ. This is why He is called the Divine Sanctifier.  “No man can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit.”

The first and all-important fact is that when we are in a state of Grace, the Holy Spirit is really, truly and personally in our souls as He is in Heaven.  He so desires to pour out His Gifts and Graces but He can not do this without our cooperationwe must correspond to His Love.  But how can we do this if we do not know Him and His Gifts and Fruits; if we do not speak and pray to Him; and if we do not know Him as a Person?  This is why so few Christians advance in holiness….they do not know the Divine Sanctifier. Our Mother is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and will begin this process if we ask her sincerely and constantly to know her Spouse!  Include this request each time you pray, especially the Rosary!

Fr. Paul O’Sullivan from “The Holy Spirit our Greatest Friend”

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Direction for Our Times

We continue our cycle of monthly messages for 2014 with the message from September 1, 2006 for our prayer groups and personal reflection.


September 1, 2006 (2014)




A deep peace settles upon those who serve the Lord. This interior peace, heaven’s presence, connects each apostle to their Saviour. I work in each soul without interruption if that soul welcomes Me. Around the apostle, circumstances change. Others come and go in their life and perhaps there is suffering or persecution. My presence remains constant, though, comforting, consoling, and directing. The connection between heaven and each apostolic servant is the avenue through which I return to the world. How heaven delights in each commitment. During this time many look to their Saviour and know with certainty that I am calling out to them. Each apostle hears My call. You have heard My call. Consider today what your Jesus is asking of you. Consider how I am asking you to serve today. Dearest apostle, I must insist that you spend time in silence contemplating My will. I must insist upon this because I require your service in whatever way I have willed for you during this time. If you give Me your full attention for a period of time each day, I can instruct you and prompt you. Also, I can give you a very important heavenly attribute and that is the peace that I need you to possess. You must possess this for your own comfort, of course, but you must also possess this peace so that it flows through you into the world. Your world does not have peace. My peace has been rejected by your world. You, My beloved apostles, reject the world’s discord and accept My peace. That is why you are so important to Me. I am your Beloved One. You feel My presence, do you not? Truly, I am with you. Dear apostle, I want to be with everyone in this way. Will you help Me? I know that you will. Spend time with Me in silence each day and I will provide you with everything you need and everything the world requires.





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Direction For Our Times relies on donations to supplement the cost of publishing the messages. Currently, only 40% of the publishing cost is covered by the sale of the books. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Direction for Our Times (DFOT) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to spreading God’s messages as revealed in the Volumes.


t0jEBUFI_LU75UAfNLGsBRvi1RVekMQHXh19C9Fpuj7c9zA08Ts16hC3aO2iaJjq-Ox8dDXTm9WD5qg_JbRon0uizYZtUd3hAta6kPjd7k9S3d-l=s0-d-e1-ftThe following comes from an Aug. 29 email from the Survivors of the American Holocaust.

Picture a busy street in Los Angeles or Washington D.C.  Men and women rush by, distracted.  People hurry along, heels click on the pavement, taxi cabs fly by.  Everyone has somewhere to be, some place to go.  Unconcerned that one third of this generation is gone, they go about their daily lives unaware that abortion affects them.

Suddenly, a 14 year-old girl drops on the pavement and curls into the fetal position.  A young man kneels to chalk her outline on the sidewalk.  Then another young person drops.  And another.  In moments, dozens of people have collapsed.  Others follow behind draping blood-red silk over their motionless bodies.  The crime scene has been staged.  All at once, the hidden holocaust is revealed.  People stare.  The world can’t pretend anymore.  Seeing these activists represent the forty-two million murdered annually across the globe, forces them to look abortion in the face and see it for the crime that it is.

This demonstration isn’t purely educational, it is powerful. And it’s just one example of pro-life activism.

At the International ProLife Youth Conference, you’ll have the opportunity participate in events like these.  We’ll teach you how to become an effective abolitionist.  You’ll learn how to run toward the cries of injustice and rescue those being lead to slaughter.  You’ll be encouraged by international speakers, community and student activists, religious leaders and young people, like yourself.  What unites them?  They are abortion abolitionists.  You’ll hear countless pro-life methods and testimonials.  The IPYC’s visionaries are passionate about equipping you to make a difference.

[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] A Catholic student profes...


Slavery wasn’t abolished because of rising awareness. Nazism didn’t fall because society began to discuss it.  And the killing of millions of preborn human beings won’t end because we simply claim to be pro-life.   Wemust RISE UP if we wish to abolish this atrocity.  We must RESIST APATHY.  We must RUN TOWARD THE CRIES OF INJUSTICE. Take action with us this November and become the generation that abolishes abortion!

Friday, Nov. 7, 6:00 pm through Sun., Nov. 9, 4:00 pm.
7702 El Cerrito Rd., Corona CA 92881

Now’s your chance to  register for the International ProLife Youth Conference!!  Book your tickets today to ensure your seats at this life-changing event!!  Email for more information.

 (c) Mary TV 2014



September 1, 2014


Dear Family of Mary!


“Dear children! Pray for my intentions, because Satan wants to destroy my plan which I have here and to steal your peace. Therefore, little children, pray, pray, pray that God can act through each of you. May your hearts be open to God’s will. I love you and bless you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (August 25, 2014)


I want to remind everyone that:


Mary TV will stream Mirjana’s September 2 apparition live at  . The streaming will begin at 8:00 am Medjugorje time. Please check your time zones for the correct time in your area.


It will be at 2:00 am Eastern Daylight Time in the USA. Many of us will be up in the middle of the night for this wonderful occasion! Well worth the loss of sleep.


Also, “Tea with Rosie” this week is well worth watching. You can see it on our home page.


Now I want to share with you a very lovely homily that was given at the English Mass on August 29, 2014, by Fr. Maximilian of the Oasis of Peace Community. I have transcribed it for you because it is so full of beautiful wisdom.


Fr. Maximilian’s Homily in St. James Church, English Mass, on August 29, 2014 – Passion of St. John the Baptist


To be a prophet is not an easy task. We all are prophets through Baptism, “kings, priests and prophets.” And we know that God choses certain people to be prophets in their own time. AS we saw in the first reading, Jeremiah didn’t like it at all. He knew what was coming: shame, dishonor. Fortunately, Mary never asked us here to be prophets. She asks us to be her witnesses. To be her apostles. To bring the Good News.


So as we go home from Medjugorje, where we have had an encounter with God and with our Blessed Mother, and have started the way of conversion or we will go forward with a stronger way of conversion, let us be careful that when we go home we don’t try to be prophets. WE should not be telling the people what they should do or not do. Mary doesn’t ask us to do that. She asks us to be witnesses.


Witness with your lives of prayer. Witness with your joy! Witness your conversion by your behavior. Saint Frances de Sales would say to “make your devotion, your prayer life, your conversion attractive.”  


So if your husband sees his wife more gentle, or if the wife sees the husband coming back from Medjugorje more calm and more patient, if the children see their parents more united and joyful, they may say “Ah, I want that too. I might go myself to Medjugorje the next time.”


So let’s make our devotion attractive. Let’s ask God for the grace to be a witness, to be apostles of good news, but not prophets, which as I said, is not an easy task.


Today we see the greatest of all prophets in the Old Testament, John the Baptist, dying an infamous death through the conspiracy of a weak king who kills him in the end against his will. He conspires with an ambitious woman full of hate and a dancing girl. Through those three dies the greatest of the prophets of the Old Testament.


Circumstances are never important. The problem is our relationship to God. Jesus didn’t say to the Father, “Father I want to give my life, but you see that unjust judge, Pilate, and these jealous Jews…” He didn’t say that. He had His first relation, His first love for the Father. And He knew that through this huge injustice God’s will was done, was fulfilled. First of all it is for us to work on our relation to God. This is the first justice we have to strive for. That every honor and glory be given to Him. Obviously we then have to work on justice here on earth. That is what Jesus and all the prophets did. The especially defended the poor and the weak. Honestly.


Let’s look for a moment at this so-called family, though we know it is not a family at all. They wanted to be seen as a family and went so far as to imprison the greatest of men born of woman. We see similar situations. Times have changed, but not the people. And so we do not know how long we can defend the rights of the natural family. We might also get imprisoned. But again, let us witness the beauty of family more than to fight against. Let us advance in the good.


So let us see this family, which Mark described with marvelous intellectual and psychological capacity and insights into human behavior. We see this king, actually what motivates him? It is love of self which generates in us a triple concupiscence. John describes in his letter, ST. John the Apostle and Evangelist, we can translate them as thirst for power, thirst for wealth and thirst for pleasure. These three, and especially the first one, the thirst for power destroys humanity today, not only at that time. We see that woman thirsting for power. We see the king living in pleasure, banqueting and losing his reason for a dancing girl. And we see a girl who wants wealth. In fact the king asks her, “Do you want half my kingdom?” These three destroy the world, especially the first one, the thirst for power. And we don’t find them just in high political circles, we can find them also in our families: the husband who wants to possess his wife, or the wife possess her family or her husband or the children or her own womb.


Against these three inclinations that we have inherited through original sin, the Gospel teaches us, the Gospel gives us three virtues, three angelical counsels which are lived by some consecrated people in a strict way. The counsels become their lives, their way of life, their way to imitate Christ. Obedient, chaste and poor. But we are all called to exercise them. To go against the triple concupiscence (thirst for power, thirst for wealth, and thirst for pleasure).


Now Mary in her messages never wrote about those three. She mentioned once obedience. She said once, “I ask you to be obedient to me”, and with 33 years as our mother, I think she has the right to do that. She never spoke about those virtues, but she shows us the way along which those virtues grow. And flourish.


Prayer, true prayer, prayer from the heart, which is our relationship to God, let us realize this is the greatest power in the whole universe, and we get that power. In John’s prologue he writes about it, “Those who believe receive the power to become children of God.” That is the greatest power. That is true power. That is the power that brings us into eternity. All these powers here on earth, we can also own the whole world, but we miserably perish. Let’s be clever, truly clever, truly wise, and choose the true power. I am a child of God. I am a daughter, I am a son of my heavenly Father and my heavenly Mother and they take care of me, so I don’t have to get all these riches and wealth to feel secure. I feel strong, I feel secure, why? I have a big bank account, I have a big car, I have a big house so I am a big man, a big woman. I don’t need that anymore. I can be simple. I can be little. A child is little.


I can strive even for what John the Baptist said: “He has to grow, I have to diminish.” Internally, we can empty ourselves of self that Christ will be able to grow in us. “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” Blessed are those who have given God space in their lives, in their hearts. Mary always to give us Jesus at Christmas in a special way. And at each Eucharist we receive Jesus in us. Let us give Him space that He can breathe in us. That He can grow in us. This is true povertyof self.


And then He shows us the way of true joy. Mary says, “Prayer is joy without which you cannot live. But then we say that Jesus told us to carry the cross, and that is not a big pleasure, truly it is not a pleasure for human life, it is not a pleasure. But Jesus says for a holy soul if the love of the cross has entered deeply into the soul and the heart of the person, that person experiences a joy that the world does not know, because the world only knows pleasure. But joy is mine, Jesus says, and of my own. So Mary says the way of the cross (And sometimes we come to Medjugorje to get rid of the Cross) that the way of the cross can become the way of joy.


How great Thou art! We singhow great God is! He transforms everything into good for those who love Him. Let us ask for this love for God. Because love of self, St. Augustine tells us (we celebrated him yesterday) when it goes so far that we are led to hate. We hate justice, we hate God, we hate everything. So let us ask Mary to help us to empty ourselves of self. And experience the joy of Christ in us. Christ amongst us. Christ is our peace, our joy and our salvation. Amen


Thank you, Fr. Maximilian, for sharing your heart of love with us.  May we respond with our hearts to Our Lady’s call! 


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

©Mary TV 2014








“Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world.”
Saint John Paul II
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