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“I Give You Advice”

July 28, 2014 A.D.

Medjugorje: la Gospa

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July 28, 2014 A.D.

Our Lady of Medjugorje said on Friday, July 25, 2014,:

the Most High is giving you signs for you to open and convert…”

This time is a great time of conversion. Recently, on July 8, 2014, Medjugorje visionary Ivan, spoke to the pilgrims in Medjugorje and shared the following:

“Please, I don’t want you looking at me today to think that I am a perfect man and a saint because I am not. I am just trying to be better. I am just trying to be holier everyday. See this desire for holiness is engraved profoundly in my heart. Certainly I haven’t converted myself for a simple fact of seeing our Blessed Mother and being a visionary. I know that my conversion, as well as the conversion of us all as pilgrims, is a program and a process for the rest of our lives. We all have to decide for good, change ourselves everyday, everyday give up sinning and remove everything which is an obstacle on our path to holiness. We all need to open ourselves on a daily basis to the Holy Spirit and accept the Word of Christ and live it in our life, in our families and in us to grow in holiness.”

Even as the visionaries themselves strive everyday to convert, so must we in this time when the Most High is giving us signs to convert, the Greatest Sign being Our Lady Herself. Our Lady said on February 20, 1985:

“I give you advice; I would like you to try to conquer some fault each day. If your fault is to get angry at everything, try each day to get angry less. If your fault is not to be able to study, try to study. If your fault is not to be able to obey, or if you cannot stand those who do not please you, try on a given day to speak with them. If your fault is not to be able to stand an arrogant person, you should try to approach that person. If you desire that person to be humble, be humble yourselves. Show that humility is worth more than pride.

“Thus, each day, try to go beyond, and to reject every vice from your heart. Find out which are the vices that you most need to reject…”

With Our Lady’s blessing, each day go beyond.

In the Love of Our Lady,

A Friend of Medjugorje

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July 28, 2014


Dear Family of Mary!


We are approaching an exciting time in Medjugorje! The Youth Festival will begin on July 31st. Mary TV will stream as much of the events as possible. Please pray for our team, as they will be working very hard to provide a link for us all to the festival.


And Our Lady’s actual birthday (as she shared with the visionaries) is on August 5. This date does not conflict with Our Lady’s Birthday Feast in the Church which is September 8. The Church celebrates not so much the date, as the fact that Mary was born!! But Our Lady shared her birth date with the visionaries in order to rejoice with them as her children. Here is what happened on August 5, 1984:


Sunday, August 5, 1984
The celebration of the second millennium of Mary’s birthday was preceded by three days of fasting and continuous prayer. Seventy priests heard confessions without rest; there were a great number of conversions.
“Never in my life have I cried with sorrow, as I have cried this evening with joy. Thank you!”


In anticipation of this day Our Lady had said:
“The priest who will hear confession will have great joy on that day.”


During these 3 days of fasting and continuous prayer the visionaries say the Blessed Virgin was very Joyful. Our Lady repeated:
“I am very happy, continue, continue! Continue to pray and to fast.”


Her joy seemed to have reached a peak Sunday, August 5th. Like a flower when it blooms, and full of joy, Our Lady said:
“Continue, continue, open your hearts, ask God and I will ask for you.”


You can see how important the priests are to Our Lady. It was their ministry of hearing Confessions that made her birthday wonderful! Our friend Teresa Grodi understands the love Our Lady has for her priests, and decided that a very good birthday gift to give her would be a novena of prayer for priests, based on some of Mirjana’s recent messages. She wrote this novena and has allowed me to share it. It was to start yesterday, July 27. So we will have to do two days-worth today to catch up!!


And when Olga heard us begin the novena yesterday on the Rosary, she wrote with such joy that not only will the novena end on Our Lady’s birthday, but the last day of the novena prayers, August 4, is the feast day of St. John Vianney, patron of priests!!  Isn’t Divine Providence wonderful!!! 


I am sending the entire novena today, so you can pray it all week. We will also pray it during our Daily Rosary:


Novena for Priests 
(based on Our Lady’s 2nd of the month messages)



Prayer to be prayed each day:


O Jesus, our great High Priest, hear my humble prayers on behalf of your priests. Give them a deep faith, a bright and firm hope and a burning love which will ever increase in the course of their priestly life.

In their loneliness, comfort them. In their sorrows, strengthen them. In their frustrations, point out to them that it is through suffering that the soul is purified, and show them that they are needed by the Church; they are needed by souls; they are needed for the work of redemption. Amen.


Day 1

We pray that our dear priests may always be an example of humility for us. (July 2, 2014)
Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…


Day 2

We pray that our dear priests may always lead us with a pure heart on the way of truth and love – the way of Mary’s Son, Jesus. (June 2, 2014)
Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…


Day 3

We pray that our dear priests may always feel the blessing of Mary’s motherly hands and the support of Her motherly heart. (April 2, 2014)
Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…


Day 4

We pray that we may place our trust in the blessed hands of the priests. (March 2, 2014)
Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…


Day 5

We pray for our dear priests, that the ray of God’s grace may illuminate their ways. (February 2, 2014)
Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…


Day 6

We pray that our dear priests may always have love for us as Mary’s Son, Jesus, had, and showed by giving His life for our salvation. (November 2, 2013)
Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…


Day 7

We pray that we have an increase in trust in our shepherds as Mary’s Son, Jesus, trusted when He chose them, and we pray that they may have the strength and the love to lead us. (October 2, 2014)
Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…


Day 8

We pray evil may not be permitted to separate us from our priests. (September 2, 2013)
Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…


Day 9

Finally, we pray for an increase in love for our shepherds, in our hearts, in the hearts of our families, and in the whole world. We pray that, at this difficult time, the name of Jesus may be glorified under their guidance. We pray that we may extend the joy of love and support to our shepherds, just as Jesus has asked them to extend it to us! (August 2 and July 2, 2013)
Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…


God bless you all, and let’s give this great gift to Our Lady, the gift of prayer for her Priest-Sons.


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

©Mary TV 2014


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Saint John Paul II
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I was pro choice to the coreand then I had an abortion

My abortion became my deep dark secret. Carrying the burden certainly wasn’t easy. I felt as though I had a sickness and if I were to say, “I’m sick and I need to be healed,” then I’d quickly be reinforced that I made the right choice. My moral intuition and the emptiness in my heart told me that my decision was wrong.



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Pennsylvania passes the Down Syndrome Information Act

Chloe Kondrich prays as Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signs By Mark Leach Last week, Pennsylvania joined the growing number of states passing the Down Syndrome Information Act. In 2012, Massachusetts passed the law. In 2013, Kentucky passed it. And, then, this year, Maryland, Delaware, Louisiana, and now Pennsylvania

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National Right to Life, 512 10th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004, USA

Weekly Prayer Reflection for Summer

“We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose.”

 Romans 8:28

July 27, 2014
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

The text cited above is beautiful and consoling, but not easy to believe to be true. Yet one spiritual writer, Paul Tournier, surely believed it and took it seriously when he wrote: “The most wonderful thing in this world is not the good that we accomplish, but the fact that good can come out of the evil that we do!” He goes on to say that our vocation too, in accordance with the quote above, is to “build good out of evil.”

Is this not one way to look upon the medical profession – doctors, nurses, healthcare workers – and indeed the work of the Catholic Medical Mission Board? God does not abandon us in our difficulties, but remains with us. As the Scripture above states, God, in his providence, works to bring good out of what is painful and evil. And we are both challenged and privileged to be able to cooperate with God in this work!

May the strength of God Pilot us,
May the power of God preserve us,
May the wisdom of God instruct us,
May the hand of God protect us,
May the way of God direct us,
May the shield of God defend us,
May the angels of God guard us against the snares of evil and the temptations of the world. Amen.
-St. Patrick

 Rev. Peter Schineller, S.J., CMMB Board of Directors


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California professor pleads no contest to assault on pro-life students

A feminist studies professor at a California state university accused of forcibly grabbing an anti-abortion activist’s poster and assaulting the 16-year-old girl has pleaded no contest to three misdemeanor charges.
Cover model reveals self as transgender man

“Andreja” Pejic, known for posing in both male and female clothing on the runway and in campaigns, revealed to People on Thursday that he recently underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a “woman.”
Pope Francis coming to America for World Meeting of Families

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput said Pope Francis

Charles J. Chaput

Charles J. Chaput (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

has accepted his invitation to attend the World Meeting of Families in the U.S. next year, even though the Philadelphia Archdiocese still has not received official confirmation from the Vatican.

A brilliant response to the question of redefining marriage

“Why should I, as a gay man, be denied the same right to file a joint tax return with my potential “husband” that a straight couple has?”
Pro life battle over graphic images in Florida

A lawsuit was filed one day after a pro-life group posted a video online of what they say are “Jackson police standing by as an individual stole the group’s pro life display.”
European Human Rights Court: No Right to Same-Sex ‘Marriage’


The Flame of Love Moves Us to Love Better and Repair More

My daughter, share this with all My beloved children…..You must shake souls out of the indifference which drowns them.  First, make them realize they must live in intimate union with Me; especially those who despite receiving Me frequently in their souls avoid getting close to MeDuring your daily tasks, you do not even think of Me within your souls. This hurts Me and I suffer much….so during the day dispose your hearts for constant union with Me by means of a fervent ejaculatory prayer or a loving glance….Desire many souls for Me.  This is the objective of your life; keep it always before your eyes.

Our Lord to Elizabeth Kindelmann from the Flame of Love.

For information about our First Regional Flame of Love Conference in Philadelph​ia on August 15, reply to Ray Mooney at

Please register for the August 15 Conference in suburban Philadelphia by emailing for a form.

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You can receive complimentary materials to make your Consecration to God through Mary’s Immaculate Heart (important spiritual protection at this time in salvation history) at myconsecration.orgwhere you can also learn about Our Lady of Las Lajas.

God Bless you and your work,

Anthony Mullen
8 St. Albans Avenue
Newtown Square, PA 19073
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The Great Confusion


THERE is coming a time, and it is already here, when there is going to be great confusion in the world and in the Church. After Pope Benedict resigned, I sensed the Lord warning me about this over and over again. And now we see it unfolding rapidly around us—in the world and in the Church.


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